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Zurb Review and Direct Email Marketing Templates

Zurb is the place that you need if you want an easier way to test designs and share ideas.

For a company where design is essential, Zurb offers all the tools and software that can serve as a connection between each member of your company.

They are known for creating the most advanced responsive front end framework in the world.

You can code smarter with this program, build for small devices such as smart phones, and layer more complexity as you go on to create something similar to larger devices.

If you know JavaScript or other code, you should try the Foundation that Zurb offers. This website is mostly meant for coders who know HTML or CSS. There are instructions about the code that can be edited on the web page.

While Zurb has mostly apps that are very useful, they can offer help to businesses with their design strategy. They do so by taking into account your aims as well as your customer’s needs. They offer complex ideas and make them come alive in easy to use, convenient ways. They can also turn your ideas into beautifully coded UI deigns.

Zurb also has products that you should take a look at. Influence is their program for sharing your designs and getting feedback for them, to get into touch with your team. This is useful especially if you want to share your presentations and get new ideas. Other software lets you verify your ideas and designs before you use them.

There are also many apps that you can try for free.

How to get started:

          While Zurb is not primary a website for creating email templates,there are some templates that they have created. You can start by looking at these responsive email templates. Thanks to these you can make your email campaigns responsive and follow the results of your efforts. These templates look just as good on phones as they do in emails.

You can choose from basic email templates, which are simple yet professional looking. There are some templates that are more colorful and creative, others comes with a sidebar so you can easily add your links. You can begin by exploring the possibilities you have with these email templates. They also offer a special newsletter template that you can simply customize and send out to your clients.

Each template comes with a separate HTML and CSS sheet. The templates are supported by most  email providing programs, such as Gmail,Hotmail, Sparrow, Windows Mail, Live Mail, etc. You can download all the email templates for free.

Zurb offers a lot of free products. Besides having free email templates that you can simply download, they have a lot of apps that you can also get for free. This makes Zurb a very recommended website for those who are interested in the visual and in the advanced design online.

Business Email Marketing Templates:

Business Email Newsletter Template 1

Business Email Newsletter Template 2

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