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Free Printable You are My Sunshine Party Invitations & Kits

'You are My Sunshine' is a gorgeous song. I know very few parents who did not sing this song to their child as they were growing up.

Not only does the song have a beautiful melody, but the lyrics are also fantastic.

They show just how much you care for your child and how much they can brighten up even the cloudiest day for you.

In my mind, the whole song and the concept of the song makes an absolutely wonderful idea for a party.

The problem I had though was actually coming up with a workable idea for a 'You are My Sunshine' party. This is what I came up with:

Right, this song is all about brightening up people's days. This means that your party theme needs to have a LOT of color injected into it.

Yellows of course work best due to the whole theme of the song. It does not matter what colors you really choose though. Just make sure that the party area is bright and bold. You may even ask your party guests to come to the party dressed in bright colored clothing just to inject a bit more brightness into that room. I am sure you can see what I am getting at here. The brighter the room is, the better it is going to be in the long run.

Food was slightly difficult to think about for a while. I then hit upon it. This song is all about the sun (sort of) so why not inject a bit of summery fruit and vegetables onto that table? Make sure that they are colorful! You can of course throw in those obligatory sandwiches for good measure too. Don't forget the cake...possibly in the style of the sun.

One parent I spoke to about a 'You Are My Sunshine' party suggested that people put up the lyrics to the song around their home as type of decoration. You could go down this route, but I thought of something better. This party is all about a specific person (well, most parties are to be honest).

So why not make this child the center of attention? Put photographs up on the wall of them. Write underneath things that they have done to cheer you up (i.e. why they are your sunshine). This is an idea that generally works best with the younger children. Trust me, those over the age of five really will not want to see their photograph up on that wall. Don't ask me why, I think this is a pretty sweet idea.

This is of course just a couple of ideas that you can use yourself when it comes to planning a 'You Are My Sunshine' party. I am sure that you will be able to come up with plenty more ideas on your own. Hopefully this have given you a push in the right direction though. Just remember, this song is all about somebody brightening up somebody else's day. Let that shine through in your decorations.


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