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Winter Theme Wedding Ideas & Printables

Chilling breezes, snow around might not be a perfect weather for wedding theme but it sure offers every reason for newly wed couple to snuggle each other.

What does winter reminds you of? Snow, chill, mink coats, strong winds and Christmas?

You have ample choices for décor and venue in winter theme wedding.

It’s great to have a day time wedding in winter season, as it’s sunny in those hours.

For colors winters indicate white, silver, blue and fierce orange (fireplace) sound just perfect.

Venue can range from a wooden cabin sort of setting to open gardens with small fireplaces at some distance to warm up guests. An amazingly sculpted ice statue would be splendid as a centerpiece.

If wedding reception is arranged for evening then dim candles, winter flower bouquets and bunched mistletoes can look really impressive. Although it is not essential to organize the wedding arrangements through a theme but you can always add more spice to your dish to make it more delicious.

A Hollywood theme wedding or a premier themed wedding could be truly enjoyable. What is wrong in getting dressed as stars when you are truly stars of the day?

Hot chocolates, fudges, soups and grilled food would complement the entire setup along with chillz of wine and drinks. Try to back up your winter theme with couple dance music as it will make the atmosphere more romantic and cuts down cold for couples-two pins down with a single stroke. Themes just make your effort more focused and your event a little special to people.

You can get more creative with invitations, favors and decors like snowflakes and Christmas lights for your venue. 

Even of you cannot spare time for specific arrangement hire a wedding planner. If you do not wish to indulge in extra expenses order all supplies from an online wedding store appropriate to your theme. Make combination of your creativity and their supplies and host a memorable winter theme marriage!


Free Printable Winter Wedding Invitations

A winter wedding provides an opportunity to create some rather unique discount wedding invitations. The holiday allows you use images of Hanukkah and Christmas themes. Late winter weddings can include images of Valentines and the approach of Spring on winter invitations. A friend of my daughter was married on New Years Eve, The invitations were decorated with champagne glasses. She and the groom created this unique verse.

Winter wedding invitation wording:

Jessica Lynne Talbot
Theodore P. McKenzie
invite you to share their joy
as they celebrate the beginning
of their married life
at the beginning of the New Year
11:PM, on Sat. 31 December XXXX

Address. City State

A neighbor was married the week before Christmas. Sara decided to make her own cheap wedding invitations. She used a free printable wedding invitation template, that she found here at the, and adapted the wording from a Christmas card, so that her invitations would reflect the mood of the season. Her invitation read:

In the spirit of joy and peace of this holiday season
Katherine Mary Ryan
Michael James Broadman
Want you to join them as they pledge their love
At their marriage
Day,time, date (mmddyy)
Venue Address

I have seen winter wedding invitations decorated with snowflakes, candy canes, bells, menorahs and even a horse drawn sleigh. Another Christmas week wedding read like this:

Please join us
As the Joyous ringing of Wedding bells and Christmas bells
Witness to our marriage
At Saint John’s Episcopal Church
Day, time date
Reception to follow
venue, address

Some tips for doing your invitation that my niece learned the hard way are:

1) Once you have selected your template and unique verse, print one copy of your invitation on plain paper, to make sure there are no errors, and that everything, is lined up properly.

2) Be sure you have enough card stock or wedding invitation kits to print the entire project, plus a couple of extra in case of a mishap.

3) Have extra ink cartridges on in just in case.

It shouldn’t take longer than a couple of hours to print your winter wedding invitations.

If a winter wedding is what you are planning, you want a special invitation that will announce your upcoming nuptials with a winter theme. Here at our site you will find free printable winter wedding invitation ideas that will delight you. With the cost of the wedding right around the corner, you want something affordable with a custom design.


Wedding Winter Wonderland Ideas

  Whatever may it be; winter indeed is a beautiful season to go ahead with a wedding. With the predominance of the purity of the white and the cool breeze spreading everywhere a theme wedding is just a perfect one. Let me tell you about this specialty a little bit more.

Theme wedding winter wonderland ideas are some of the most exciting ones that can come across to one’s mind for invitations to attract in numbers and keeping in with the homemade customs as well. A theme like this would attract colors to signify the season as well. White, ivory, silver are but colors that match the decorations and thus care needs to be taken to use them intelligently all over in the decorations from drapes to the dinner plates and the cutlery.

The dresses would also fall in into the theme and when the invitations mentions of such a theme then it is extremely important to make a touch of the theme in the wedding dress of the bride also. Use of fur with golden lining would make it even more beautiful. The groom’s outfit can include a white suit with a colorful bow tie to make the perfect contrast and give the color of the theme as well in a perfect homemade manner.

The invitations can have impressions of the theme with designs of snow and white with silver to make the decoration of the card just as perfect as it needs to be. The decorations would certainly need to include ribbons of white and silver colors with intermediate golden touches, with little touches of snow flakes to add on and thus makes the theme contrasting and also beautiful and significant.

The dinner tables can be arranged with little theme as well to match the surroundings with a touch of color as well and thus you get the theme engraved in every part of the wedding. Finally the wedding cake would definitely be a white one to match the theme and give the essence and purity of the season and savor the delicacy of the food also in a perfect homemade manner.

Theme wedding winter wonderland ideas are something that can be a great choice in the season of the god, with its predominance of purity and white and thus make it a special event for a lifetime with the blessings of the invitations and nooks of the homemade traditions.

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