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When to send out wedding invitations for your wedding

 Whether you buy paper stationary invitations or downloadable and printable ones, you should make the list of guests before buying them.

This speeds up the process quite a lot. Remember to buy the invitations several months before the wedding.

When to send wedding invitations? The answer to this is ideally three months before the wedding. Remember that maybe some of the guests come from far and they need to make reservations and also have some time to decide if they can come or not.

They also need some time to send them back to the bride and the groom so they can make the final list of who is coming and who isn’t. You should know how many people will come ideally two months before the wedding so you can make the place cards and know how to prepare the food and drinks.

If you somehow don’t mange to send the invitations three months before the wedding, don’t send them later than one and a half months. This is the minimum time, and sending invitations later than this will make the preparations so much harder. You can also ask the guests to say if they are coming or not at least three weeks before the wedding, so you can still make the last arrangement then.

If you have relatives in far away countries it is a good idea to send their invitations at least 2 months before the ceremony. As you see, the sooner you send the invitations the better. When you have already the final guest list it is much easier to arrange the rest of the things in a relaxed way. If you know when to send out wedding invitations you have one less thing to worry about.

How to write wedding invitations

Download and Print Modern Wedding Garland 

Download and Print Modern Wedding Invitation Template 

Free Printable Modern Wedding Greeting Card Template

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Download and Print Modern Wedding  Favor Label

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We have easy to design and print invites and great choice of wordings that brides find appealing and beautiful  Once you print out your invitations, you just place then in the envelope with the front facing the opening of the envelope, stamp then, and send them.

Because the designs and printing of the cards is free, it is the most affordable way for brides to send out the announcements that she is marring her beloved on a special day at a special time.

You make a custom invitation with a modern looking design that will come from a few minutes of time, but your guests will think you spent hours designing the perfect invitation just for them. We have taken all the work out of writing wedding invitations, by supplying you with hundreds of verses to choose from when designing your card. All you have to is pick out a template, add a verse, either your own or one of ours and print it out.

That sounds easy and well it is just that. In a matter of no time, you have as many invitations as you need. Imagine sending out a custom-made card and having all your guests talk about what a beautiful invitation you sent with such a beautiful writing inside. Now you can take all the credit for this card and everyone will think they have discovered one of your hidden talents. Look around and find a card that you like, add the words and you have a wonderful wedding invitation.


Wedding Invitation Envelopes

Sending wedding invitations truly marks the beginning of the entire ceremony and puts the first impression upon the hearts of the guests. Even though we become conscious of the wedding invitations and their quotes along with the design, the envelopes are something that remains shadowed. I think personally that an envelope is something that strikes the eyes of the guests right when you approach with the invitation cards. Even if you mail them the cards, it is always the wedding invitation envelopes that produce the first impression. I had thus begun my quest online and could land upon some very nice and interesting facts. Let me tell you in details about what I came up with in my own small research.

Browsing through various web sites online I could find some good places like,,, and many such similar places where you would be able to find samples of different wedding invitation envelopes. What I liked most about these places is the amount of innovation that you would be able to go through while browsing through the content of these places. One thing that I specifically understood is that these are some good tips that you would able to land upon while reading through the content of these places and land upon some fascinating facts.

For example I could read that in place of conventional seals we can even put up beautifully designed stickers over the envelopes. At times when we put the R.S.V.P cards inside the invitations we must essentially put in an envelope for it as well for the guests to reply. Another important point for the invitations to be mailed out via postal services is that we must essentially use two different envelopes. The first one would be the actual one belonging to the card along with its decoration and another one inside which we would put this combination and send out to the guests along with the postal stamp over it.

This would help protect the actual cards and their envelopes together. Apart from these valuable tips you would find different variety of envelope designs in these web sites that would help you make a mindset for the specific design that you choose.

Wedding invitation envelopes are important and truly provide a lot of importance to the culmination of the invitation of the guests. You can go through the content of the places I mentioned and it would be a great experience for you as well.

Jennifer Browne

Addressing Wedding Invitations

You can play with the design and wording of your invitation but there is one area where sticking to “the rules” is best. The traditional way of addressing wedding invitations lets everyone know exactly who is invited. One place where you can “break the rules” is the inclusion of inner envelopes, many couples who are doing their own invitations, as well as those who have their invitations professionally made are omitting the inner envelope to save money and time.

A married couple – Mr. and Mrs. John White, many modern brides prefer to use….John and Nancy White. If the wife chose to keep her family name address the invitation to John White and Mary Brown.
 If you are using the inner envelope address the outer envelope to Mr. and Mrs. White. If children re invited the inner envelope should list the children in order of age: Mr. and Mrs. White, Jacob, Peter, Sara. Children over the age of 18 should each receive their own invitation.

When the wife has a professional title her name goes first: Dr. Linda Jones and Mr. Michael Jones. When one member of the couple is a judge, that person goes first on the envelope, eg: The Honorable William Borders and Mrs. Borders.

A married couple, that are both doctors, outer envelope: The Doctors Harris or Drs. John and Nancy Harris. The inner envelope should be addressed to the Doctors Brown.If two of your best friends from college are roommates the outer envelope should read Miss Kathy Quinn and Miss Aliya Cortez and the inner Ms. Quinn and Ms. Cortez. Or better yet send them each a separate invitation with and friend added.

Invitations to members of the clergy should list the title first and then the person’s full name like Rabbi Joel Feldman, Father William Kelly or Reverend Harry Block on the outer envelope. Father Kelly, Rabbi Feldman, or Reverend Block on the inner envelope.

Traditional etiquette says that nothing should be abbreviated except Mr., Mrs., Dr., Jr., Ms. However with the automated postal system your invitations could be delayed if you don’t abbreviate state names, or words like street, boulevard or avenue.

As you can see addressing wedding invitations isn’t difficult once you understand a few basic rules.

About Calligraphy for Wedding Invites

Even if you choose to make your own wedding invitations and have chosen a non-traditional design template and wording, the invitations have to be addressed by someone with neat, readable penmanship skills. If you know someone who does calligraphy find out how much they would charge per invitation and what the turn around time will be. Your bridal shop or stationary store may have a list of calligraphers in your area.

You can also do a web search for calligraphers in your area. You can also buy an instructional book or video and try your hand at the art form. There are free computer fonts available that resemble calligraphy but nothing compares to the real thing. A good calligrapher gets top dollar for his or her work. Before you sign a contract for calligraphy ask to see samples of her work. Your custom invitations tell your guests the tone and theme of the wedding so good calligraphy is vital.