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What is HTML Email Template


While a plain text email is what most people are familiar with, the HTML email template offers new possibilities and new options for the sender and for the receiver.

Most companies and businesses use HTML email templates when they write to their clients, and only very few of them use text only.

Due to its visual appeal, an HTML email can be more effective than a plain one, and because of this it has become an indispensable part of email marketing.

HTML Email Pros

With an HTML email template you can easily edit your email each time, when you send it out to your customers. Not only that such a template gives you enough space to change things and personalize emails, but you can also do so in a simple way. The HTML code is more easy to learn and to follow than other codes such as CSS.

When you use plaint text, you can change some font sizes and a bit of formatting, but you are basically not very free to create an attractive email that looks just the way you want it to. An HTML email is visually attractive, and it can display various font options, colors, images, headings and more. In an HTML email you can even include tables and mathematical formulas in the form of images.

Another pro of HTML emails is that they are supported by many email clients. This means that the email will display correctly without any errors most of the time and it will look good in the inbox of the customer.

HTML Email Cons

One of the few fall-backs of an HTML email template is that if the client uses certain email software, it is possible that the message will not display properly. Though most email software is compatible with the HTML code, not all of them are. In such cases the email will not display, and only the code will be visible in the inbox.

Another fallback of an HTML email template is that the email itself will be much bigger than a regular plain text. This means that it takes much longer for the email to download and display properly, and with a slow internet connection this can be a problem.

How to use it

You can simply look for an HTML email template, edit it, personalize it, and it is ready to be sent. You can usually change a lot of features about the appearance of the email with the help of an editing program. You don't necessarily need to know HTML code in order to use such an email template, but if you do know some HTML, it will give you even more possibilities.

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