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Welcome Email Letter Template for New Students

A student welcome letter should be written at the beginning of a new academic year, or in case of a brand new class.

Sometimes depending on a course it is also needed to write individual letters to the students.

This has to be somewhat more personal and customized, but it should follow the same tips as any other welcome letter to students.

For example instead of Dear students you should write it individually to each student, using their names.

This is usually the first contact with your future students, so make sure that you make a good first impression. It is also very important to be positive and friendly in this first letter, to encourage the students who are perhaps a little bit nervous about a new school and a new school year.

If you are writing a letter to younger students, you can also include some information about yourself.


1. Give the students the possibility to ask questions. For sure many of them have no idea what they have to do and they feel a bit lost. Offer them help by sending multiple contacts and links to pages where they can learn about policies, test assignment and so on.

2. Attach documents containing information that the students should know.

3. Announce upcoming events with their clear date and place.

4. Be positive and encouraging in your tone.

5. Don't forget that in many cases parents will also read the email. Stay professional and always use a spell check. Double check the email before sending it.

Sample Letter

Subject Line: Welcome to Green College!

Dear Students of 2013,

Welcome to Green College! Congratulations for your great results and enrollment to Green College. As your mentor and teacher I am looking forward to meet you all personally soon. I hope you will have a rewarding and successful academic year.

The opening event of the year will be held at the Auditorium of the school, please be there at 10 am on Monday, 21st of September. My office hours will be starting on Monday from 14 pm to 16 pm. For any urgent or personal matter, visit me at my office, M5 on the second floor of the main building.

Please don't forget to download and fill out the Student Information form attached. I have also attached the curriculum of this year and the policy of the school. Make sure you study them before Monday.

I have created a group for you and added your email addresses. From now on all events and conferences will be announced through the group email.

Please email me with any further questions. If you are looking for help to fill out the Student information form, please go to www.studentinfo/ and read the student handbook online, or write to for more help.

Once again, welcome to Green College, and let's make this year together very productive and successful! See you on Monday!

Prof. Kathy Handel