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Welcome email letter template for new patient

Writing a good welcome letter is essential when it comes to a new patient.

Health is the most important thing without doubt, and when a person decides to choose you for health care, it means that her or she is putting maximum trust into your practice, and in the same time expects maximum attention and care.

A welcome letter to a new patient not only shows that you care and that you acknowledge their choice, but also that you pay full attention to them as a patient.


1. Express your appreciation for trusting you with their health.

2. Explain the benefits of your health center and write in a few sentences the key traits of your center.

3. Include a slogan of the company if you have any.

4. If you haven’t' met the person yet, because they signed up online or though a phone call, arrange a personal meeting with them. This will make them trust you more and develop a closer relationship with you as the doctor and them as the patient.

5. Attach a document about general policies and information that the patient should know. If you have a web page, send the link as well or include it into the signature.

6. If there is a patient form they need to fill out, attach it to the document as well.

Sample Letter

Subject line: Welcome to Blue Light medical Center
Dear Mr. Pauling,
Welcome to our practice! We appreciate your trust and confidence in us, and we are looking forward to help you and meeting you personally. Thank you for placing your whole family into our care as well.

The philosophy of Blue Light Center is centered around our patients. We can assure you that the care that we offer will meet your expectations. We only work with one patient at a time, and here at Blue Light Center our goal is to offer the best experience for all our patients, both professionally and personally.

I will wait for you on Monday between 10 am and 11 am to meet you personally. Then we can also schedule an appointment for a general health evaluation. Please find enclosed our patient information form. For any questions do no hesitate to contact me. I can be reached at 340 872 083.
Your health is our concern.

Dr. Andrei Malinowski 
Blue Light Center