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Welcome email letter template for new member

This is a membership welcoming letter that groups often use to welcome people who just have signed up or registered.

Forums, online groups and actual non virtual groups as well send such letters to their new members.

While such letters have been designed to make the new member feel welcomed, they also provide the most important information about the group that the new member should know.


1. In the first paragraphs welcome the new member, and express your appreciation.

2.  Describe the group shortly, in just one sentence or a few sentences.

3. If there are any upcoming events, include them in the welcome letter. Include the date and the exact place of the event as well.

4. In the second paragraph point out the benefits of the group and the general gains of each member of the group.

5. If there are any membership policies or important documents that the new member should read, attach them to the email or send a link.

6. If there are any membership fees that need to be payed, mention it in the email.

7. Provide a phone number for any questions. This can be the phone number of the secretary or the group manager. If it is an online group, provide an email address.


Subject Line: Welcome to the Group of International Women from Idaho!

Dear Ms. Boros,

I would like to welcome you to the Group of International Women from Idaho. We are pleased that you have chosen to join us and make our international group even more colorful. We hope that you will consider us as your second family and that we can all contribute to your personal growth.

The membership in the Group of International Women from Idaho will provide you with general meetings with discussions about proposed themes, professional networking opportunities, friendship and cultural exchange. This month we have one event scheduled on the 12th of March, when we will have a general meeting and a group discussion afterward about raising adolescents. The meeting will be held at the Conference Hall in the Plaza Hotel from 12 am.

For more information about us please familiarize yourself with our web page. Please do not hesitate to contact me at 556 932 139 if you have any questions or concerns.


Melanie Barts
Membership Representative
the Group of International Women from Idaho