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Welcome letter template new customer

Writing a good welcome letter to a new customer is a crucial step in a company-customer relationship.

This is the first step after all that can also show a difference between a professional and an unprofessional company.

You need to take the time to write a personalized letter that will make the customer feel appreciated.

You need to express that you value their business and their time invested into your company.


1. Provide the new step in the letter that the customer can take. This can be filling out a survey, ordering a catalog, subscribing for an email or becoming part of a group.

2. Since a welcome letter to a new customer is an essential step in making the communication ongoing, provoke the customer for further action.

3. Include at least one or two useful links into the email.

4. Include your company logo if you have one.

5. Express your confidence in the satisfaction of the new customer.

6. Underline a few major benefits of joining your company. The customer should know why it is a good choice that he or she has chosen you and not another company.

7. Offer further help and more contact information. The email should contain at least one email address or a phone number. Don't write from a no reply email address.

8. Describe in a few sentences what the company is about.

9. If you have a customer service number, make sure you also include it in the email.

Sample Letter

Subject Line: Welcome to Nile Books!

Dear Mrs. Emory,

On the behalf of Nile Books I would like to welcome you to our company. We are happy to have you as our new customer.

Here at Nile Books our customers are very important to us and we do all we can to make you enjoy our services to the fullest. We would like to offer you our excellent collection of books together with our outstanding customer service. As long as you are our customer, you will have no trouble finding something to read and getting it delivered to your doorstep in a very short time.

We saw that you are interested mostly in science fiction books. Here are some of the newest editions in this genre: www.nilebooks/sciencefiction. If you have any questions, please reply to this email or contact our customer service at 345 229 009. We are at your service night and day. Thank you again for choosing us, we are glad to be at your service.


Andrew Mack
Senior Manager
Nile Books