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Welcome email letter template for new client

A welcome letter to a new client shows that you really care, but it is also useful to remind the client of what your company can offer.

Whether you are a company managing finances, or you offer outsourcing to small or larger businesses, in order to look professional you need to write a welcome letter.

Show them that there was a reason why they selected you.


1. Make the letter brief but informative. You don’t have to describe the company, but make sure you do say a couple of things about what you do. Don't praise yourself, but realistically point out your strengths.

2. In the first paragraph, say thank you to the new client for choosing you, and express your confidence in being the right choice.

3. Describe why choosing the company was a smart move from the client.

4. Give the contact information of the person who will be in charge of the new client.

5. Make an appointment for meeting if necessary, and include the time and date of the meeting.

6. If you have a web page, send the link.

Letter Sample

Subject Line: Thank you for chosing D&A

Dear Ms. Mason,

Thank you for choosing D&A for filing the taxes of your company this year. We areconfident that you will be satisfied with the services that we offer. You have chosen a company that always strives to meet all the needs of each of their clients.

Here at D&A we are known for having a lot of experience and working with international companies, and we hope that all your expectations will be met. We will send you updates about your taxes and information that you need to know in our newsletter next week.

Your personal tax manager that we have chosen for you is Angela Patrick and she will call you tomorrow between 7 and 9 pm. You can discuss further issues and questions with her. Thank you again for choosing us!

Senior Manager