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What is a welcome email letter

Writing a welcome email is essential in many cases.

For example when a new employee joins the team of a company, a new staff member arrives, a new customer decides to work with you, a new member joins a team and so on.

A welcome email has two main purposes.

One is to say welcome to the new person and to show this person the appreciation of his or her company.

In the same time it is also to let all the other members know that a new member has joined them.

Types of welcome emails

Welcome emails can vary a great deal according to who they are addressed to and who they welcome. In many cases a welcome email can show the difference between professional company from an unprofessional one by offering attention to a new customer. Other welcome emails such as welcome emails for students contain essential information that the new person has to know.

What does a welcome email contain

Depending on the type of the welcome email, it can contain a lot of relevant information or just a welcome note. For example when a client is welcomed, the email also contains information about the policies of the company, all the useful links, QA documents, addresses and phone numbers, office hours, information about sales and discount and so on. In the same time a welcome email for a new joinee can only contain a confirmation of the subscription.

What is the function of a welcome email

The welcome email besides the aims mentioned above has an even more relevant function. It is the first step to establish an ongoing interaction with a person who is already interested in the company/ group/ business/organization etc. It builds a strong relationship for the future and it provides a next step for the new member within the organization.

Tips for a great welcome email

Regardless of the type of the welcome email, certain aspects need to be respected.

  1. Choose a suitable subject line. For example if can be Thank you for joining us, Susan! Or Welcome on board to Greenpeace! Make sure you either include something specific such as the name of the company, or something personalized, such as the name of the person. Avoid too general subject lines such as Welcome to out team or Thank you for becoming a member.

  2. Don't use a no reply email address for the thank you email. It can happen often that after subscribing or joining the new person has an important question. It can be frustrating to hit reply and type in the email and only notice then that the letter cannot be sent or it comes back. It is very important to make it as easy for the newcomers as possible.

  3. Provide some tips and help on how to continue. For example you can send a link to a QA page or simply ask the newcomer to contact you directly with any questions. Leaving a phone number where you can be reached at easily is also a good idea.

  4. Don't forget to say thank you and express your appreciation towards the newcomers.

  5. Write the letter in a simple, easy to read tone.

Here are the most important and most often used email templates:

1. Welcome email template for new employee
When a new employee joins the company, it is customary to let everyone know that they will have a new co worker, and in the same time let the new employee know that he or she is welcome to the new work environment.

2. Welcome email template new joinee
Every group should send a welcome email to a new joinee to show that the person that his or her joining is appreciated and noted.

3. Welcome letter template new member
A welcome letter will express appreciation to any new member.

4. Welcome letter template new customer
This type of email template confirms and thanks the subscription of a new customer. The customer will know that he or she successful signed up and perhaps even provided with the next step that has to be taken.

5. Welcome letter template new patient
Patients always need to know that they are payed attention to, and a welcome letter will show this fully.

6. Welcome letter template new client
A new client will feel more secure and will have more faith in the business if there is a welcome email confirming that he or she became the client of a company.

7. Welcome letter template for new business partner
Show that you respect your business partner by sending him or her a welcome letter.

8. Welcome letter template for new students
Students will be glad to receive a welcome letter with all the information they need to know about the new year.

9. Welcome letter template from neighborhood
This letter will make your new neighbor feel more like at home in a new environment.