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Bride and Groom Wedding Shower Theme Ideas

” Bless the couple with wishes and flowers
Pamper them with gifts at the wedding shower! “

Showers were traditionally meant for brides but now the trends have turned to wedding showers that involves the couple in the party.

This event should ideally be held few weeks before marriage as both bride and groom are busy with arrangements in last couple of weeks.

This is a fun loving party you can either be notorious with theme or select an urbane one in accordance with the taste and temper of the couple.

 You can set the venue with exclusive accessories and gifts would help the couple with their house interiors.

You have several other amazing options like bed and linen theme, household appliances theme, pick a room theme, honeymoon theme or fitness freaks if the couple is interested in adding a gym to their house.

Your theme would ideally set your mind for decoration, entertainment, food (which is generally light) and favors. Even if you do not support a theme add flowers, ribbons, satins and curls for festivity and prefer all time favorite chocolates as favors. Whilst hosting a wedding shower there is just essential aspect – preference of couple in question.

Celebration and joy is the major undertone of wedding showers. Be as precise in arrangements as you can. It is advisable to go for practical theme instead of fantasies. One can surf for more exceptional accessories at various stores online and order the related stuff to save time. A stitch in time saves nine, so hurry up! Make all your arrangements with our unique ideas and give them a wedding shower to muse over all their life.

Every bridal shower invitation should include:

Who: bride’s name
What: type of shower
When: day, date, time
Where: location/address
RSVP: name and phone number

How to Make Couples Unique Western Wedding Shower Invites

You have read all of the articles about how easy it is to create lovely bridal shower invitations, but nobody tells you exactly what to do step by step. Well now I will talk you through how to make free western wedding shower invitations. The first thing you need to do is select a template.

We have seen cowboy hats, boots, lassoes, horses, cactus, and wanted posters on western wedding shower invitations. When you download an image, play with it to see if you can re-size the image.

If not print a copy on plain paper and take that with you when you shop for cards. In most cases the image can be re-sized which gives you more choices as to the size of your invitation. Choose paper color and weight to suit the western theme.

Now you have to choose the wording you will use on your homemade western bridal shower invitations. You can have fun with this part of the process. For example you could have an image of a sheriff’s badge on the card and use wording like this:

We are forming a posse
to help us honor
Karen Marie Holden
with a bridal shower
on: day, date, time
at: place, address
RSVP: name and number
Karen is registered at XYZ store
please bring a gift for the chuck wagon (kitchen)

Another fun wording is to use a wanted poster with a picture of the couple and wording similar to this one:

your presence at a shower
for the bride to be Katie Ann and groom-to-be
Anthony Birch
on: day, date, time
at: place and address

name and number
Katie is registered at Macy’s and Target


or something like this:

There will be a roundup
of Aliya’s  and Adam's friends and family
for a bridal shower
on day, date, time
at XYZ Steak House
regrets only: phone number



How to Make Beach Shower Invitations

Your sister and future brother in law are  having a beach wedding and you’d like to have the shower coordinate with that theme. But how do you go about making these invitations?

You wouldn’t want to use formal verse on a flip flop invitation. Choosing wording can be fun. You can be creative or stick to standard wording for a bridal shower.

An image of a couple silhouetted against the sun setting over the ocean might call for a simple verse like this:

You are invited to a bridal shower
for Carrie Williams and Michael  Johanson
on: day, date, time
at the Seaside Inn
RSVP: name and number

This one is a little different but would be suitable for just about any beach shower theme:

As the beach is warmed
by the sun above
Kelly and Joe
will be warmed by your love
on the beach at Lake ABC
on: day, date, time
Let’s shower them with love
and gifts for the linen closet
RSVP: name and number


Free Printable Wedding Shower Games

The couples bridal shower party is a great time to get to know the bride and the groom better, the members of their respective families, and the larger circle of relatives.

There is probably no better way to get acquainted with each other than by playing a few games and having a great time together. When families play, laugh and enjoy some time together, they tend to enjoy each other’s company and get to know each other better.

So, wedding shower games are an ideal way to start the acquainting process. Planning new games for the occasion can be a little difficult. But there are sites on the Internet which have free printable wedding shower games which can be readily printed on the home computer.

There are games of different kinds for wedding shower parties. There are games for just the couple to be married. And there are games for the families and friends of the bride and the groom, to help them get acquainted.

For instance, there is a game for the couple where the bride and the groom each have to separately fill out a form that asks many questions about their would-be. This is a great game that shows how compatible the couple really is and how much they might have to learn more about each other. is a wonderful site that has a great collection of free printable wedding shower games of various kinds.

For instance, Bridal Shower Gift Bingo is one of the most popular games that is available on the site. Guests have to guess what gifts the bride would get. The person who first gets the five guess right in a row is the winner of the game. The site has this and a series of other interesting games which can be directly printed from the site.


Couples Wedding Shower Brunch Wording

Are you looking for a verse to use for tour best friend’s and her fiance bridal brunch? If so, you should know there are several web sites that offer free invitation wording for wedding shower brunch idea. You can adapt one to suit your friend’s wedding theme and personality.

Since you know the theme for the wedding, you can build your Brunch and the invitations to fit. For instance, if the bride and groom have chosen a tropical beach wedding, your brunch can serve tropical fruits, and dishes as well as tropical drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic.

You are invited
To a Bridal Brunch
Please join us in honoring
Kathleen Morrissey and Edward Millton
At the Bear Mountain Inn
Bear Mountain NY
Day, date , time
and celebrate her upcoming
Hawiian wedding to
Howard Kennedy
Katy and Howard, request
Donations to the ASPCA
in lieu of gifts RSVP to Susan at:
phone number

If the bride is unknown to most of the guests, a wedding brunch is a great way for her to meet the groom’s friends and family.

Please join us for a
wedding shower Brunch
to meet Bill’s fiance, Sharon Quinn
and to shower the couple
with love and good wishes
day, date, time
hosted by Roberta
RSVP : phone number

You can save money by making your own cheap shower invites. It is fun and allows you to use your own, creative example to make truly unique one of a kind shower invitations.If all of the bridesmaids are jointly hosting the brunch, the invitation might read like this:

Please join the Bridal Party
in showering Lisa and Steven with love
and good wishes
at a surprise Brunch
to be held at the home of Karen Johnston
on day, date, time
11:00 AM –to- 3:00 PM
Regrets only to Karen at phone number
Please be on time!!

Traditionally, wedding shower etiquette forbade members of the bride’s immediate family from hosting the shower, although often the family covered the cost. Nowadays that rule is largely ignored, and her sisters openly host the shower.

You are invited to a Shower Brunch
for Carolyn Higgins
at the home of her sister
Margaret Higgins Smith
day date time
RSVP to Margaret phone number

You can find a free invitation wording for wedding shower brunch online, which can inspire you to create the perfect invitation for your friend.

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