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Original wordings for wedding shower invitations:

You want to make invitations for your sister’s bridal shower but you know that most of the guests are expecting the wedding and all of the celebrations surrounding it to follow all the traditional rules of etiquette.

Don’t worry, you can create wonderful free proper wedding shower invitations using a free template and wording samples.

What needs to be include in a wedding shower invitation wording? This is the information that must be included:


full name of the bride (and in some cases the groom)
RSVP: name and phone number
date to RSVP by
or regrets only

This information may also be included:

where the bride is registered
theme (garden, lingerie, linens or kitchen shower)
host(s) name
If the shower is to be a surprise include the time
the bride is expected so that guests will know the have to be there.
date of wedding (and location if it will be a destination wedding)

Here is a sample traditional bridal shower invitation:

Please join us
for a wedding shower
honoring Kathleen Wilson
at the home of Lisa Smith
RSVP by: date
to: Lisa, phone number
Kathleen is registered at Macy’s

Template designs for this type of shower could be flowers, hearts, doves, bells or other traditional wedding symbols. Here is another traditional wedding shower invitation wording:

The bridesmaids of
Coral Sue Hennings
invite you to a bridal shower
in honor of her marriage to
Joseph William Bossier
on: day, date, time
at: location
city, state
RSVP: name and phone number
Carol is registered at XYZ store

With careful selection of a design template and wording, your homemade invitations can be as elegant and proper as any commercially made invites.

Once you have decided on the template and wording you want to use, you have to choose the type and color of the card stock you will use to print the invitations you need. Unless you have more than 50 invitations to make, the whole job shouldn’t take more than and hour to complete.

Whatever wording you choose you have to remember to include the who, what, where and why. As you probably know wedding shower invitations that can be purchased in department stores are very "flat" and read something like this:

A shower for brides name
when date and time
where address
RSVP name and phone number

Your invitations can be much more expressive. For example you might use this verse:

Please help us to
shower Karen with love
at a surprise brunch
day, date, time
RSVP to: name and phone number
please be on time
Karen will arrive at: time

Time of day showers are also popular. Each guest is assigned a particular time frame, say 12-2 pm or 6-9pm and is requested to bring a gift appropriate for that time frame: You are invited to a “time of day” shower

For: Carole Anne Holberg
On: day, date, time
at: venue and address
your time frame is: time
please bring a gift suitable
for that time span
regrets only: name and phone #

You may want to include a list of suggestions and inform the guests that the list is only to give them some ideas and they may choose whatever they want.

We receive an invitation to a “garden” shower. It read:

Please join us
as we honor Kylee
at a “garden” shower
please bring a gift
that Kylee and Bob
can use in their yard
a barbecue lunch will be served
at the home of: name
day, date, time

As you can see you can make wonderful shower invitations using the free wedding shower invitation wording and verses you find on the web.