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Free Wedding Invitation Card Wording Example Online

Online Wedding Invitation Card Verse Sample

You are considering making your own invitations, but are not sure how to word the invitation. First, you have to decide what kind of wedding you will have.

The wording you choose should fit the wedding style or theme.

You wouldn’t want to use a casual fun invitation if your wedding is going to be a formal affair. However whether your wedding is going to be informal or traditionally formal, there are a few tips that basically should be used on all invitations.

The name or names of whoever is hosting the wedding should be the first on the invitation. For example if the bride’s parents are hosting the wedding it would read like this:

Mr. and Mrs. John Doe
request the honour of your presence
at the marriage
of their daughter

If the couple are hosting the wedding it would likely read like this:

Mary Jones
David Smith
request the pleasure
of your company
as we are married

If both sets of parents are hosting the wedding it would be:

bride’s parents
groom’s parent

There are “rules” governing all kinds of situations such as when the bride’s parents are divorced or when a parent is single or widowed. To get more information on this, check the web for articles on wedding invitation etiquette. If you are planning a theme wedding such as a Disney, beach, western, casual, Christmas, ethnic or religious, there are wording samples available online. One idea is sure to fit your plan.

For a less formal religious ceremony my friend used this:

Bridie Maureen O’Malley
Michael Sean O’Leary
invite you to join us
as we ask God’s blessing
and yours
as we exchange our vows



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  Some people like formal weddings and at the same time their invitations will be formal like:

Mr. and Mrs. Johnson
Request the honor of your presence
At the marriage of their daughter
Miss Jane

Day, date, time

On the other hand, most young couples prefer less formal wedding ceremony so their invitations are relaxed and usually they use some nice wordings and people invited to the wedding ceremony can expect fun and interesting party.

God’s hand will join Jennet Williams
And Nick Walker in their future life and
Help them stay forever

Day, date, time

Wedding invitations are sent to those friends, members of the family and other acquaintances who are going to be present at the most important day in your life. Since every bride and groom wishes their wedding ceremony to be successful, they must create interesting invitations and make invitees pay attention and read invitations with great satisfaction. 

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