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Wedding Invitation Email Template

Make Your Own Wedding Invitations Online for Free

Now you can create and send your own, custom wedding invitations on line! Invite with class – send memorable, unique invitation!

How it works?

Simply click here

1. Write your invitation text

2. Add any picture you wish

3. Click Submit

and voila! You have just created your own, unique, custom made online wedding invitation!

Once it is approved by our stuff, you may send the link to your own invitation to everybody you want to share your joy with! See free samples and send instant email wedding invitation with your picture here!

Once you have planned everything about a wedding, it is extremely important to look at different types of free samples of wedding invitations and select the best one for use.

You have to keep various things in mind as you are sorting through the samples. The overall look and feel of the invitation should be in tune with the theme of the wedding.

It is best if the layout is simple yet attractive because you do not want things to be too cluttered in the final frame. Depending on the wedding details, the invitation should contain all the relevant information required by guests attending the wedding. The free samples of email wedding invitations can help you with a ready reference to work on so you can add the design and creative wording.

The primary content of the emal wedding invitation would be the verse along with the timing and details for the wedding. You can simply write your own wordings, just one time and get multiple copies printed out with ease. In case you need some help with the wording, you would be able to find lots of religious, romantic and ethnic verses on our site, that reflect the spirit and value of the wedding. For the wording samples click here!

Different invitation templates along with basic color schemes and design profiles can help you create email wedding invitation templates in a quick and inexpensive fashion. After you have chosen your pick from the different samples of wedding invitations, your wedding invite cards would have an extra special magic on each print.You have been shopping around for wedding invitations and are stunned by the cost of good quality wedding stationary.

Is there any way to save money without sacrificing quality? Yes there is! Why not make your own email wedding invitations. You can also add up to 4 photos and personalize it even more. Now you are probably thinking “this lady is just plain crazy. After all with work and all the other wedding preparations, who has time to sit down and write out 100+ invitations?”

Would you believe that you can create that many cheap wedding invitations in just a couple of hours? Well you can! At our site you will find a number of delightful, lovely and whimsical wedding invitation design and ideas. You can use a free printable wedding invitation template to create an invitation that will express what you and your future husband feel for one another and your hopes for the future.So, to make your own wedding invitations can be both easy and cheap.

Your friends and family will be amazed when they learn that you actually did make your own wedding invitations. These unique free wedding invitations can rival most of the commercial invitations available. They are suitable for all but the most formal weddings. How do you go about choosing a unique verse that fits your particular family situation? This can be a bit of a task with the changing meaning of family in today’s world. With divorced and or remarried parents, single parents, grandparents raising their grandchildren and the bride and groom hosting the wedding themselves. All of these family situations impact the wording of your invitation which includes traditional and modern etiquette norms.

You will want to look at wedding invitations on line,  we have some suggestions. Why not use a few lines from “your song”. Try incorporating a reference to your spiritual or ethnic heritage, for instance many couples use a line or two from 1 Corinthians “Love is patient, love is kind…” or something from the Koran. Many African American couples are incorporating the “jumping the broom” ceremony in their invitations and ceremonies. In Native American traditions invitations are not issued. However many brides do use them the invitations are normally decorated with native symbols such as feathers, buffalo wolves, or dream catchers and may incorporate a tribal blessing.

Making your own wedding invitations can be fun and using our site for the templates and wording examples makes it easy and cheaper. What can you do if the invitations don’t arrive on time or when you get them there is a serious misprint? Making your own eliminates the stress of those situations. A coworker’s daughter who had a daughter of her own recently married a young man who also has a daughter, and decided to include the children in the invitations.

Kelly and Marissa Harrison
Thomas and Amy Connor
invite you to share their joy
they invite their families
“and the two shall be one”
day, date, time
place, address.

So think how much fun you will have if you make your own wedding invitations right here!