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60 Free Printable Wedding Invitation Address Labels

Use our hand-painted wedding address label templates for you wedding invitations. You may even download our free matching stationary kit.

When it comes to weddings, it is relevant to follow the etiquette and use labels that fit to the occasion.

You might find some simple clear labels that will do, but it is much nicer to find adhesive address labels that can be personalized and customized. It makes a difference not only to you, but also to your guests.

Wedding invitation address labels can be found on websites such as Wedding Paper Divas.

Just like the name of the web page suggests, here you can find many types of labels, all very elegant, some of them even fancy and luxurious. You can add the name of the happy couple, the address of the reception and other information as well to the label with just a few clicks.

These designs have been made to be easily customized. They come in various colors from the classic white to purple, red, yellow and even elegant black.

Such stickers can be easily applied to letters and envelopes, saving you a lot of time, and you don't have to write them by hand. Using such beautiful labels assures a great first impression, before the guests even opens the envelope to see the invitation.

Angel Wedding Address Label

Arabic Wedding Address Label

Ariel Wedding Address Sticker

Beach Address Label

Asian Return Address Label

Buddhist Address Label

Butterfly Return Address

Calla Lilly Address Label

Catholic Wedding Address

Celtic Wedding Address

Chinese Address Label

Christian Address Label

Cute Wedding Address Label

Christmas Return Address 1

Christmas Return Address 2

Daisy Address Label

Minnie & Mickey Label

Dove Address Label

Fairy Address Sticker

Fall Return Address 

Firefighter Address Label

Fishing Return Address

Funny Address Label 1

Funny Address Label 2

Golf Address Label

Harley Davidson Sticker

Hindu Return Address 

Hunting Address Sticker

Interracial Address Label

Irish Address Label

Italian Address Sticker

Japanese Address Label

Jewish Address Sticker

Medieval Address Label

Mexican Address Label

Bike Address Sticker

Monogram Address Label

Muslim Address Label

Monogram Address Label

Nautical Address Label

Nightmare Before Christmas

Ocean Address Sticker

Paris Address Label

Prince Charming Address 

Scroll Address Sticker

Snow White Address Label

Snowflake Address Label

Thanksgiving Return Address 

Tulip Address Label

Vineyard Address Label

Vintage Address Label

Waterfall Address Label

Wedding Cake Address Sticker

Wedding Celebration Address  

Wedding Shower Label

Elegant Address Label

Love Shower Address Sticker

Western Address Label

Western Wedding Shower

Winter Address Label

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