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  Wedding Card Holder Box

All weddings have a wedding cardholder box for guests to drop their cards into as they arrive at the reception.

Without the box, your cards would lay out on a table, which makes them easy to lose. 

You could have a cake box, flower covered box or a box with a theme that matches your wedding theme.

You can have the colors match you wedding colors or have one has a humorous side. It is your wedding day and whatever you want is acceptable.

The wedding cardholder box is generally placed on a table where the guests place gifts as well. Many times, the gift table is located near the wedding cake.

If you will have this type of set up, you can choose a gift box that makes its own statement or it could match the cake and colors. The nice thing about a gift card box is that you can make one yourself or buy one that is already made. Many brides will have a theme wedding and want a box that has a similar look.


Some brides,  will come up with some incredible ideas for a gift card box. Some have chosen to have a ball and chain attached to the gift card box. This type of wedding cardholder box is a unique idea that has a humorous side. It also acts as a conversation piece. Guests find this type of humor fascinating. There are many card boxes to choose, but you can also make your own and have it make a statement.

You can be traditional or unusual when planning your card box. All you n eed is a little imagination and some materials to make a beautiful box or look for one that is already done for you.

Ideas for Wedding Card Boxes

My grandma used to tell me stories how simple wedding were back in her days compared to the glamorous wedding that are specific for the 21st century. She newer told me that having a fancy wedding is a bad thing; she just loved all the trendy decorations and glittery invitations. I kept in mind for a long time one particular reaction she had to a brand new decoration at my cousin’s wedding: in the antechamber my cousin thought about having white bird cages turned into wedding gift card holders.

With white satin bows, those cages looked absolutely fairy. I can’t forget what my grandma told to my cousin “You’re one of a hell lovely, crazy bride. You’ve turned the cages into card holders? That’s absolutely brilliant.” I have to admit that my grandmother was a little bit eccentric, but wasn’t she right? Having gorgeous and glamorous weddings is an amazing thing and adding an exotic touch to them is even better!

Why not turning the moment every girl dreams of in something that every girl won’t forget? Of course, not many people think about gift card holders when planning their wedding and it’s a shame that they didn’t. The gift card holders make the wedding decorations look far better and more personalized.

Not every bridal card holder needs to be a white bird cage, it can be anything else! Whether you go for creating a unique card holder or you search for something to buy, keep in mind my advice: choose something that fits your everyday style. The people that come to your wedding know you already and the fact that you added a wedding card holder that represents you best will make them feel closer to you and there will be created a warmer atmosphere.

To be honest, I love funny wedding gift card holders; for example an appetizing looking wedding cake made out of boxes. Isn’t it funny to see how everyone gazes at the yummy cake until they finally realize that it’s made out of paper? I can assure you that wedding gift card holders are more interesting than you have ever imagined, just take a look on the web and you will be amazed how many fun idea you can find!

Diana. S. MN

The reception is where your guests come to celebrate the day with you and your beloved. They bring gifts of money and gift-wrapped presents that you need to start your life together in your own home. The presents are placed on a decorated table and the gift cards are always dropped into a beautifully designed box. If you need some ideas for wedding card boxes, you are not alone. You want something attractive, yet large enough to hold all those gift cards you will receive.

You can have a gift card box with calla lilies all around the sides or you could have a wedding cake box. You could have a card box to match your wedding theme or you might even have a little house gift card box. You can make a box that has pictures of each the bride and the groom leading up to the wedding day. Not only can your guests drop a card, but also they can see the two of you together leading up to your special day. Ideas for wedding card boxes are endless.

You can be as creative as you want when you are making the card gift box. Some couples put a lot of thought into the boxes they have on the gift tables. One such box was made of cardboard. It resembled a jail cell with a lock and key. It was painted and had a bride and groom standing guard on top. It was a conversation piece as much as it was a card box.

Making a wedding card box can be a way to save money and still have a beautiful box. You can use a wood box or a cardboard box and design it in any way that you want.  

Make it a group project with your bridesmaids and it will go even faster. You could let your maid of honor know that you might like to do this project at the bridal shower. Then you can have the input of all your female guests. The box that is made out of a cardboard box will be easier to work with and costs nothing if you can get a box from a store.

You can paint the box and then add flowers or pictures. Making a wedding card box does not have to be that hard to do. You can buy artificial flowers and glue them to the sides of the box. Then you can add some glitter to make things sparkle. You might even want to use three different size boxes and make a wedding cake gift card box. You can be as creative as you want when you are making the card box for your wedding reception. Anything you choose will be beautiful and add to the gift table.

We suggest choosing some of our hand painted, unique designs to adorn your box!