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DIY Free Printable Wedding Candy Wrapper Templates

Today most people decide to have themed wedding party and according to this they want to have candy wrappers that harmonize with the wedding theme.

So, the easiest way to get themed wedding candy wrappers is to download the templates with a suitable theme for your special day. is the perfect place where you can find myriad of different candy wrapper templates for weddings. You can choose from angel, beach, butterfly, fairy, golf, spring, snowflake, summer candy wrapper templates.

Also if you want African American wedding, or Tamil or even Arabic wedding, here you will find all these templates for wedding candy wrappers.


Butterfly Wedding Candy Wrapper

Butterfly Wedding Candy Wrapper Minimalist

Christian Wedding Candy Wrapper

Christian Wedding Candy Wrapper Minimalist

Fairy Wedding Candy Bar Wrapper

Fairy Wedding Candy Bar Wrapper Minimalist

And if you are a holiday fanatic and would love to have wedding in the spirit of some holiday such as Christmas, Thanksgiving or Valentine, this site can meet your needs.

Here you can download templates with mentioned theme and gladden all your guests with amazing candy wrappers. We offer many more templates for wedding candy wrappers with different themes like hunting, nautical, motorcycle, star wars, medieval, Hawaii, Cinderella etc.

The only job you have to do is to find the desired template, download it and make attractive wedding candy wrappers.