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50 Printable Wedding Place Card Templates 

If you need a place card for your wedding reception, you might want to consider a printable place card for wedding reception tables.

 You can print the cards so there is no intermediary involved. You have your cards right away and you can inspect each card as it prints to make sure you have it exactly the way you want it.

 It is cheaper to print your own place cards, which leaves more money for other things. The cards that you can choose from come in many different designs and styles.

All you need to do then is find a beautiful little place cardholder. The printable place card for wedding reception tables does not have to be traditional, you can be as creative as you like. It is your wedding and you can have anything, anyway you like it.

You could choose a card that has a decorative border or choose a plain face card for the name of your guest. You can choose a matching place holder or maybe mix it up a bit and have a unique and different type of place holder. You can have a card that has a small picture or even a theme.

You can choose from many different cards when you choose to print your own cards. Instead of waiting for a printer to get your place cards done, you can do them yourself and maybe even make a different style for each table.

The printable place card for wedding reception tables is the choice of the brides and maybe the groom, but in the end, the bride is the one that is going to have more appreciation for the décor and the table decorations. You want everything perfect for your wedding day and printable table cards is just another way to make sure everything is just what you want.

African American  Wedding Place Card Template

African American Place Card

Angel  Wedding Place Card Template

Angel Wedding Place Card

Arabic  Wedding Place Card Template

Arabic Wedding Place Card

Asian  Wedding Place Card Template

Asian Wedding Place Card

Ariel Wedding Place Card Sample

Ariel Wedding Place Card

Beach  Wedding Place Card Sample

Beach Wedding Place Card

Butterfly  Wedding Place Card Sample

 Butterfly Wedding Place Card

Celtic  Wedding Place Card Sample

Celtic Wedding Place Card

Buddhist  Wedding Place Card Sample

Buddhist Wedding Place Card

Cala Lilly  Wedding Place Card Sample

Calla Lilly Wedding Place Card

Catholic  Wedding Place Card Sample

Catholic Wedding Place Card

Christian  Wedding Place Card Sample

Christian Wedding Place Card

Christmas  Wedding Place Card Sample

Christmas Wedding Place Card

Christmas  Wedding Place Card Template

Christmas Wedding Place Card

Daisy  Wedding Place Card Sample

Daisy Wedding Place Card

Disney  Wedding Place Card Sample

Disney Wedding Place Card

Dove  Wedding Place Card Sample

Dove Wedding Place Card

Fairy  Wedding Place Card Sample

Fairy Wedding Place Card

Fall  Wedding Place Card Sample

Fall Wedding Place Card

Firefighter  Wedding Place Card Sample

Firefighter Wedding Place Card

Fishing  Wedding Place Card Sample

Fishing Wedding Place Card

Funny  Wedding Place Card Sample

Funny Wedding Place Card

Funny  Wedding Place Card Example

Funny Wedding Place Card 2

Golf  Wedding Place Card Example

Golf Wedding Place Card

Harley Davidson  Wedding Place Card Example

Harley Davidson Place Card

Hunting  Wedding Place Card Example

Hunting Wedding Place Card

Interracial  Wedding Place Card Example

Interracial Wedding Place Card

Irish  Wedding Place Card Example

Irish Wedding Place Card

Japanese Place Card Template

Japanese Wedding Place Card

Jewish Wedding Place Card Template

Jewish Wedding Place Card

Italian Wedding Place Card Template

Italian Wedding Place Card

Medieval Wedding Place Card Template

Medieval Wedding Place Card

Mexican Wedding Place Card Template

Mexican Wedding Place Card

Nightmare Before Christmas Place Card Template

Nightmare Before Christmas 

Bike Wedding Place Card Template

Modern Bike Wedding Place Card 

Muslim Wedding Place Card Template

Muslim Wedding Place Card

Nature Wedding Place Card Template

Nature Wedding Place Card

Ocean Wedding Place Card Template

Ocean Wedding Place Card

Paris  Wedding Place Card Template

Paris Wedding Place Card

Prince Charming  Wedding Place Card

Prince Charming Wedding Place Card 

Scroll  Wedding Place Card Template

Scroll Wedding Place Card

Snowflake  Wedding Place Card Template

Snowflake Wedding Place Card 

Thanksgiving  Wedding Place Card Template

Thanksgiving Wedding Place Card

Tulip Wedding Place Card Template

Tulip Wedding Place Card 

Vineyard  Wedding Place Card Template

Vineyard Wedding Place Card 

waterfall  Wedding Place Card Template

Waterfall Wedding Place Card 

Wedding Cake Place Card Template

Wedding Cake Place Card 

Wedding Party Place Card Template

 Wedding Ceremony Place Card 

Wedding Party Place Card Template

 Wedding Party Place Card

Western Wedding Place Card Template

 Western Wedding Place Card 

Wedding Escort Cards

Make things easier for guests by using wedding escort cards.

Or how many times have you tried to decipher the wedding guest list with the assigned tables and you ended up by having head aches? You probably don’t want this thing to happen at your wedding, do you? In this case, you should consider using the famous escort cards.

It is quite simple to understand the purpose of this type of wedding cards: they escort people to their tables; they easily show the way to the place where the guests should be seated. Of course, these are the basic facts about the escort cards. There is also the stylish touch that shouldn’t be ignored when talking about these wedding cards.

While most of the people prefer the classical tent-shaped escort cards arranged in alphabetical order, there are several grooms that make even out of these cards something special! Do you plan an autumn wedding? Why don’t you consider having brown leaves shaped escort cards for your special wedding day? Or why don’t you choose red and white flowery escort cards that match perfectly to your flower themed wedding?

Choosing the perfect escort cards depends mainly on your imagination, stylish taste and finally your budget. Considering all these three things, you can make even out of escorting the guests to their seats a fairytale moment. And if someone asks you when planning your wedding, why the wedding escort cards are so important for you, don’t hesitate to tell him everything about the aesthetic and practical role they have!

Unique Wedding Place Cards

 You could use the grand piano place card holders or bourbon street streetlight place card holder. Both of these cardholders will adorn the tables and accent the already beautiful table arrangement.

If you are having more of a casual reception, you could use little BBQ grills, which are tea lights and place card holders or you could use little hamburgers or hot dogs place card holders. Being unique with your place card holders is easy when you have the Internet to shop. You can find some unique wedding place cards and holders. The cards are designed to hold the name of the person and the holder will have room to place your wedding date and name. You might even enjoy the little memories photo album place card.

The name of your guest is placed in the photo opening. You can do so many things with a place card and holder like this. Place cards are used to let your guests know where you would like them to sit. You can design these cards, or you could choose some that are already designed. All you have to do is add the names. You can be very creative when you are looking for just the right place card and holder. If you are planning your reception and you want some unique wedding place cards, you can be as creative as you want just by looking around the Internet.

There are plain cards, border cards and cards that match a wedding theme. You can choose a matching place card holder or mix and match to make different arrangements. Your guests will have a wonderful memory of your wedding day when you choose a unique wedding place card.

More About Wedding Reception Place Cards

You can choose from printable name cards or choose a style that is already printed. Then you just add the name yourself or have a company do it for you. The wedding reception place cards are displayed in place card holders and used to decorate the tables and are nice little keepsakes for the guests.

  You can have traditional looking cards or cards for any theme wedding you can think to have. You will have so many designs to choose from, that you might just decide that printable cards that you do yourself are more the style you are looking for to place on your reception tables. The wedding reception place cards will make seating your guests easier, but when you select the place card holder, you can give your guests a lovely memory of your wedding.

You will have fun choosing the perfect place cards and then matching them to holders for a table decoration as well. All you need to do is create a guest list and then find the designed place card that will match your wedding colors or theme and then choose a place card holder.

Wedding Bell Place Card Holder

 Wedding bell card holders are just one way to make a seating arrangement that you will be happy with and so will your guests. You can have silver bells or gold bells. You can have painted bells or bells with sparkles.

The bell place card holders make a nice addition to every table. Then when the reception is over, each guest can take the bell cardholder with his or her name home. These make great keepsakes for your wedding. You can mix and match bells so that you have a few different styles. The bells have another use as well as being a place card holder.

They can be used to alert the bride and groom to a shared kiss. Instead of using a fork and a glass to make the bride and groom kiss, people can use their bells. Wedding bell card holders can add a touch of beauty to the table and the wedding reception dinner. Many of your guests will want a memento of your wedding day besides pictures and this is just another way to thank them for sharing in your day.

The bells can be engraved with your wedding day and name or you could choose to have a engraved sticker applied to the bell. Either way, your guests will find this gift delightful. They will be able to find their place at the table and have a keepsake to take along home. The wedding bell place card holders are just as beautiful as candles if you get the ones that sparkle and shine.

They are Also Called - Wedding Seating Cards

 Weddings are like puzzles where every tiny piece matters: that means that the little wedding seating cards are as important as the wedding cake.

These tiny seating cards have the role to guide the guests to their pre-established seats and make them feel comfortable regarding the events that will follow.

It is perfectly true that these wedding cards can be extremely simple and involve minimum costs, but where would remain the fun and imagination that is needed in each wedding ceremony detail?

What I love about seating cards for this special occasion is that they are most of the time extremely creative. The design can range from ‘crystal’ medallions with a tag attached to heart shaped candy bars with a note glued on a side. The sweet favour seating cards idea seems to be extremely appealing to many guests because the treats are irresistible for everyone and are also proofs of creativity. Candy shaped seating cards show in a sweet way the tables where the guests should be seating and create an appetizing wedding decor for the rest of the evening.

For outdoor wedding celebrations or destination weddings, the seating cards can be even more fun. A flower vase with an attached tag or a bracelet with the corresponding note will definitely create long lasting memories. When choosing what wedding seating cards to have for your wedding, make sure that you go for something unique and fabulous that will remain a nice memory in your heart forever!