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Wedding Announcement Email Template

If you just got married for sure you want to announce it to people that you know.

Creating a wedding announcement is easy, but make sure you do it in time.

If you have forgotten to send out invitation cards that you have printed, you can always send an email to your contacts.

A wedding announcement email is the fastest and easiest ways of letting everyone know about your plans.

Such a message can be also a form of invitation to join the ceremony or the reception.


1. Look for a suitable photo for the wedding, such as a tasteful photograph of you and your partner.

2. The wording of the email is simple: you can use something like ...are happy to announce... or a similar phrase.

3. Use the full names of the couple (you and your partner).

4. Include the most relevant information about the wedding, such as the place, the date and the time it will take place. Use bold or a different color to mark these.

5. You can also include a poem or a quote that you like.

6. This email can be less formal, for example for the closing line you should use Love instead of Sincerely.

7. The salutation can also be less formal: you can use the first name of the addressed.


Subject Line: Wedding announcement of Leonard Matt and Pamela Jones
Dear John and Bev,

We are happy to announce the wedding of Leonard Matt and Pamela Jones.
The wedding will be held at the Unitarian Church of Norwich on the 11th of June from 10 am, 2012

Please join us for the reception!

Leonard and Pamela