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Wedding Anniversary Invitation Wording Samples

Whether you’ve been married one, ten, fifty or sixty years every wedding anniversary deserves a celebration.

Why not celebrate with cards that have unique wedding anniversary invitations wording to announce your party?

You can order your invitations from companies that sell wedding stationary or have some fun and create your own.

At our site you can find beautiful free printable wedding anniversary invitations. You may print them and send via mail, or you can email them.

Either write your own verses, use ours or surf the net for suitable verse and a free invitation template.

My niece decided to have a barbecue for their first anniversary with this invitation:

Come help us celebrate
Our first year of marriage
And enjoy a barbecue
Time and day
dd, mm, yy
RSVP: 987-6543

Just as with your wedding invitations your anniversary celebration invites can reflect your cultural, ethnic or religious heritage or reprise your wedding theme.

If you had a western themed wedding say five years ago why not carry it over into your party. The invitation could read like this:

"Howdy Pardners"
Nancy and Sam Hollis
Are roundin up a posse
To help them celebrate
Their 5th wedding anniversary
At their homestead
Time and day
dd, mm, yy
Give them a holler at

This one was shown to me by a friend who knew I was interested in wedding anniversary invitations wording:

Your love and friendship
Has supported us through
Hard times as well as good
Please join us as we
Renew our vows
Before God and men
On our 20th wedding anniversary
Time, day, date
Celebration to follow
At our home

Your celebration can be formal or informal or a combination. Your vow renewal ceremony and invitation can be formal and your party as relaxed and casual as a picnic on the beach.

A friend’s family recently had a 65th anniversary party for her parents. They created this invitation:

The children and grandchildren
Of Margaret and Miles Bulling
Invite you to join us as we
Celebrate their 65th wedding anniversary
On day, date, time
At the XYZ Country Club
St. Louis, Missouri

Miles was 87 and Margaret 84 they still did their own cooking, cleaning and gardening but had given up driving.

You can use free templates and wedding anniversary invitations wording to create lovely cards for your situation.

10th Wedding Anniversary Wording

You have been married for almost 10 years and want to find just the right 10th wedding anniversary invitation wording. We have a few examples and ideas that you are free to use for your party invites. You may want to use the same theme that you used for your wedding. For instance if you had a Disney wedding buy or make your own invitations using free clip art available on the internet.

 Here is one Disney invitation wording that was used for an Aladdin and Jasmine theme:


The magic carpet ride continues
After 10 years of marriage
Please help us celebrate our anniversary
On day, date, time
At our castle
Address, city, state
For a barbecue
Dress casual


The invitations were printed on a scroll that looked like a carpet.

If you had a more traditional wedding you may want to use a more formal invitation:


The honor of your presence
Is requested
As we renew our vows
On our 10th wedding anniversary
On day, date and time
At the Royal Country Club
For dinner and dancing
And fun
Dressy casual


A cousin used this touching invitation for her 10th anniversary:


Ten years ago the fire of love
Melted our hearts into one
Because of your love and friendship
That flame still burns
Please help us celebrate
Our 10th wedding anniversary
With barbecue, music and fun
On day, date, time


Here is another that we found meaningful:


Because your friendship and love
Has been so much a part of our lives
We invite you to celebrate with us
Our ten years of marriage
On day, date and time
At the Lakeside Inn
For dinner and dancing


For an anniversary you can have fun with your invitations that you couldn’t have done with your original wedding invitations. So make your party invites unique. Make your own using free templates and sample verses for inspiration. They can be humorous, whimsical, sentimental or whatever other emotion that may strike your fancy. I thought this was cute:


We have achieved 10 years
Of wedded bliss
So please be sure
Not to miss
Our anniversary celebration
day, date, time


It can be great fun writing your own 10th wedding anniversary invitations wording to share with family and friends.

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