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Warm Happy Birthday Toasts

As a very young girl, I quickly learned that boys are different, but it took me some time to realize that being different is OK.

I watched my father and brother and wondered why they didn’t cuddle and kiss as Mom and I did.

 They boxed, wrestled, and hit each other (at least that’s how it looked to me, though they were really just playing around).

"Weird," I would think, and just be thankful that both my parents were very gentle with me, caressing and kissing me all the time.

Little did I know that the male species showed their love very differently. What would be the best way for a father to express Happy Birthday wishes to his son?


Example Verses and Short Poems or Birthday Card or Toast:


If the happiness is a bird, let it never stop your flight!
If the life is a path, let you always go forward!
If the love is a sea, let you never get to the Beach!
Be happy and healthy; dream and let your dreams come true!
With much, much love:


We just transferred to your bank account 365 days of good luck, health and happiness!
Use them with love and optimistic mood!


We wish you the health of rocks
the longevity of the eagles
the youthful of the spruces
and all money of the banks!


Unique Happy Birthday Message for a Son:

Happy Birthday Wishes for a Son who is still a Little Boy: 

My dear son, my biggest wish is that your face always glows with joy, stars find refuge in your eyes, and no tear ever rolls down your cheek.

I promise to carry you on my shoulders until you have grown up enough to stand up to the world. I want to teach you how to stand strong and tall.

For now, let’s play, laugh, and enjoy ourselves – I am here to protect you and just be your Daddy!


Happy Birthday!




As I said before, now you need to personalize these wishes:

Think of some very special moment that you had with your son and remind him of that:

- Remember when I took you fishing (bowling, biking, etc.) for the first time? My biggest reward was your hilarious laughter when I fell down on the bowling lane and lost the game to you. You could not stop jumping, laughing, and screaming! Your little, snaggle-toothed mouth was wide open, so that even a bird could have flown in!

That’s when I told you for the first time that the most precious things in life are priceless. You didn’t get it at the time, but somehow, it stayed with you... (here, remind him of some other joyous moment that you could use as an example of “free” or priceless).


Think of a moment when you were there for your son:


Remember that Saturday when I made it to your game even though I had endured two sleepless nights at work? You thought that I would never make it, but I did! When I saw the awe and gratitude in your (blue, brown...) eyes, my exhaustion went away in a second, and I was ready to run after the ball with you, my son. 


Think about a moment when you were not there for your son:


My dear son, today I would like to tell you once again (if you already apologized) how sorry I am for not being (name where) for you. I have already promised myself,
but now I want to promise you also, that it will never happen again. I love you dearly, and it is very important to me to share all the precious moments of your life. You mean the world to me, but I need to do a better job in showing that, and I will.


Happy Birthday Wishes for a Teenage Son:

Very special gift:

Yeah, my son, I’ve been there, done that :-) Trust me, I know how tough it is sometimes to be (15, 16...write the age here). No one understands you, no one cares about how you feel – no one knows anything! Everyone just wants this, that, and another thing from you. Where is your place in the world? Who will listen to your voice? I know you have a million questions and no real answers.

So, let’s make a deal – a real deal, man to man. Once a month, you and I will go to (name his favorite place), and I will take a (name your favorite soft drink), and you will take a (name his favorite drink) and tell me everything that is bothering you. I will listen and not say anything unless you ask me. That is a promise, and it is my gift for you this year: One evening a month, I will be your buddy instead of your Dad.

I hope you like the gift and will find time to use it!


Happy Birthday My Dear Son!


Think of a moment when you were there for your son:




I understand that now you don’t have much time for your daddy, and I will patiently wait until things settle down. Meanwhile, I will be revisiting some of the most fun and dear moments we had together. I can’t believe you are (15, 16...write the correct age) years old already! I still hear your voice calling me from the front yard: “Daddy, Daddy, time to go! We’ll be late for the game!”

One time, as I was rushing out the door, I slipped and fell at the doorstep. You ran to me crying, knelt by my side, and asked me if it hurt. I smiled at you and told you not to worry, that I was just fine. You caressed my head as tears fell from your cheeks and you whispered: “Don’t worry, Daddy, we don’t have to go to the game.” Remember that? The pain was severe, but I did not want to let you down. That game was the last game of the season, and everybody was waiting for you.

I ended up in the hospital later that day with a few broken ribs, but I would have traded the world for your smile when I got up from that doorstep and said: “Thank you, son, for your offer, but we are going to that game!”

Today, as you celebrate your (15, 16...write the age) birthday, I would like you to know that I will be always there for you; all you need to do is ask.


If you were not very present in your son’s life:


I can’t believe that you are already a young man. It seems like only yesterday when I took you for the first time in my arms as a baby. If only you could stay a child for a few more years...I would never miss (mention whatever important event(s) you missed). I would have had a chance to show you how much I love you and how much I cherish every moment with you. I am truly sorry for making (mention whatever kept you away) a priority. Somehow, I thought that you would remain a child forever and that we would have plenty of time. I was wrong. I made a big mistake, and I am sorry, my son. I will do my best to make it up to you.

Please take this special gift of my apology and my firm promise for a better future as your birthday gift this year.

Think of a very special moment that you shared with your son and remind him of that:

I am glad that you are growing up, my son, and that the whole world is smiling at you.
We have many great moments in front of us, but sometimes I like to go back and think of you as a little boy.

I liked the way you looked up to me, and I understood the importance of my role in your life. It brought me a lot of responsibility and pleasure at the same time. Today, my happy birthday wishes go out to you with one of my fondest memories from your childhood:

Remember when we had that Fourth of July barbecue at Aunt Ellen’s one year? The day was perfect, and everyone was excited about the fireworks and that specially ordered meat from the butcher store. I was in charge of the charcoal. As I was going to the car to take it out of the trunk, you ran toward me, offering help. “Sure,” I said, even though at four years old, you could not help much. To my dismay, there was no charcoal in the trunk. I had left it in garage at home, which was 40 miles away. Once you recognized my disbelief and shock, you whispered: ”Daddy,
don’t worry, I will say that the guy with a gun came over to you and took away our charcoal.”

I couldn’t help but laugh, grab you into my arms, and throw you in the air as I thought, “Too many ‘gun’ stories and war games in your life, my son.” That’s when we started paying more attention to the cartoons you were watching and the games that most interested you. 


Happy Birthday Wishes for a Son’s 21st Birthday


I know you already have a long list of places you would like to go
without a fake ID (finally :-) but I just wanted to share a few things with you on your 21st birthday.

First, I would like to take you to a place that I liked a lot, even before you were born. I patiently waited for you to grow up so that we could go there together and enjoy our beers. I hope you will like it – it could become our “boys only” place.

I know how much you love Mom and me (mention a sibling(s) or someone very special in your son’s life). You know how you would feel if any of us got hurt. Well, we have the same love and care for you, so please think about that and take good care of yourself and never, ever drive under the influence. Please remember that you are fully responsible not only for your life, but for the lives of the others once you are behind the wheel.

I trust you and love you dearly, but I just wanted to remind you of that.


Happy Birthday Wishes for an Adult Son



I know that I never told you this before, but I would like you to know that I’ve been proud of you all these years. I feel truly blessed by your arrival in this world. You have been a wonderful son, husband, and father, and that, my son, gives me great joy – to see happiness in your own family. I also never told you how proud I am of you as a carrier man. I don’t talk about you much (as you know, Mom does all the bragging), but I am sure others can see in my eyes that special spark of joy whenever someone mentions your name.

Seeing you and your wonderful family living a nice, peaceful life, full of love and joy, gives a true meaning to my own life. I know that I have not been living in vain.

Special Birthday Wishes for Grandaughter!

You have been our true joy from the moment you entered this world. Today, when you celebrate your … birthday we, your grandparents just wanted to tell you that we enjoy every single moment with you. Your smile, little arms around our necks, kisses, love for chocolate and bike…all those small, simple everyday things that make life so beautiful become even more beautiful and meaningful when coming from you.


Happy Birthday my little princess!




Write here about one particular memorable moment that you shared with your granddaughter. Remind her of that and I assure you that she would love it.


Birthday Card Verse (Short Birthday Poem) for Grandaughter:


"Today everything is for you
The tingling rays of the sun
The soft breeze
The beautiful song of the birds."

Győrfi Tamás



Example Warm Memory Wording:


Remember when grandpa and I went for shopping with you few years ago to the grocery store near your house? You approached that little boy and asked him if he had any grandparents. He was too little to talk and got intimidated by you pushing him to answer, so he started screaming and crying and you? You grabbed us by hand and said: “He must be sad because he doesn’t have grandparents and would like to steel you from me. Let’s run!”



Sample Birthday Card wishes for Grandaughter from Grandfather


You are my princess and little snowflake, and I simply adore you. When you were born, I wondered what kinds of fun I would be able to offer you. Little did I know that as you grew up, your curiosity and joy for life would open up a whole new world to me. Being your grandfather brings a new light to my old age.

(Write on her birthday card about some great moment you had together, like the following):

Sample Warm Memory Wording:


I will never forget that Saturday dinner when you said that you were going to go fishing with me the following morning. It was a cold November night, and we had to wake up at 5 a.m., but you wanted to go with your Grandpa. I knew there would be no fishing for me with you running around, but that was of no importance – what mattered was that you really wanted to go with me. I don’t remember if I ever told you that, but it was the best gift you ever gave me.


Happy Birthday!


Unique Birthday Wish to Granddaughter from Grandmother


I always wanted to have a granddaughter, but I could have never dreamt of one like you. I count my blessings every day, and the biggest among them is you, my angel. When your mother (or father) was growing up, I had my hands full and could not spend as much time as I wanted with her (him). Now, I can feel that void filling up with the time you and I spend together, and I thank you for that great gift.
As you know, I never liked to cook and only began when you started to come and stay with Grandpa and me on the weekends. I did it for you! I’ll do anything for you.

(Think of some great moment that you shared and remind her of that, like the following):


Example Warm Memory Wording:


Remember when you brought your friend’s Grandma’s cookie recipe over and asked me why I never made such great cookies like she did? I couldn’t believe it, but I acted like a little kid. I started crying while pretending that I got a fly in my eye. You, on the other hand, realized what was going on and quickly proclaimed that you were just practicing a joke for April Fool’s Day (and it was September)!
That only shows how sensitive and gentle your heart is, my love.
On your birthday, I wish that you will have many, many happy and healthy years to come, and that God may guide you each step of your life.


Happy Birthday!


Unique Loving Birthday Wishes and Toasts for Grandchildren


We wish you all the best!
We wish you to have time to enjoy,
Time for action and thought.
We wish you time to find yourself,
we wish you time to forgive.
We want you to have time to live!
We want you to gain a wisdom
to live in the present
and to enjoy all the love
you are getting from people,
who love and respect you.


How to Write Warm, Original Birthday Card for Your Grandchildren?


Grandchildren get all the attention in the world from their grandparents. It is a peaceful time for grandparents, when raising their own kids and worrying about their jobs don’t weigh so heavily on them. Finally, they can rest, look back at their youth and adulthood, and realize how little quality time they had for their children. That is why they put so much of their time and energy toward the things that matter the most to them as grandparents – loving and caring for their grandchildren.

When writing birthday wishes for your grandchildren, just tell them in simple words how they have changed your life, and remind them of some memorable moments you had together.
Write happy birthday wishes for little grandchildren in a simpler style of language than you would use for adults. Both would like to be reminded how much you love them and the memories you shared, so try to think of something funny and emotional.


Unique Birthday Wish to Granddaughter from Grandparents


You have been our true joy from the moment you entered this world. Today, when you celebrate your (insert age here) birthday, we, your grandparents, just wanted to tell you that we enjoy every single moment with you. Your smile, your little arms around our necks, your kisses and your love for chocolate and bikes…all those small, simple everyday things make our lives even more beautiful and meaningful when they come from you.

(Write here about one particular, memorable moment that you shared with your granddaughter. I assure you that she will love it.)


Sample Warm Memory Wording: 


Remember when Grandpa and I went for shopping with you a few years ago at the grocery store near your house? You approached that little boy and asked him if he had any grandparents. He was too little to talk and got intimidated by you pushing him for an answer, so he started screaming and crying. Then you grabbed me by the hand and said: “He must be sad because he doesn’t have grandparents and would like to steal you from me. Let’s run!”


Happy Birthday our Little Princess!