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Vintage Wedding Invitation Templates & Victorian Weddings

Today with all the different types of wedding invitations, it is common to receive vintage wedding invitations announcing weddings.

The antique and vintage invites are still as beautiful as they always have been. They can be in black and white or in color with a traditional wording and different themes and designs.

The old vintage cards that are done in black and white look truly beautiful.

I was thinking of a wedding theme for my friend who wanted something of a grand idea for the occasion and then I came across the Victorian theme wedding ideas.

Indeed the term Victorian theme wedding ideas give one the first point that it is something of a grand event for any reception that anybody can plan across.

A great ballroom dance to grace the invitation, with little homemade nooks also presented in a grand eloquent manner.  With the best collection of china, crystal and cutlery of silver one would remain just mesmerized and decoration worth of cherishing forever.

A light music flowing sweetly across the floor from the piano violin and soothing the ears of the invitation of guests makes them transformed to another world itself.

With showpieces of the Victorian art placed strategically across the room among the drapes of white and cream and grand wedding cake to make the eyes of the guests just drop! I was extremely delighted to the last point myself.

The ballroom with the decor of garlands, flowers, scented candles and what not would itself be transformed to that golden era of celebrations and grandeur and thus giving it the best look as possibly you can ever imagine!

The Bridal dress itself needs to be something of a spectacle. An eloquent gown with white gloves, carved buttons, lots of laces, Victorian shoes and head gear to match them up and matching jewelry to give the spark and glitter of the grandest theme ever. My friend was enthralled with the plans and I was too excited to bring it to life and thus am equally anxious to share them with you.

Victorian theme wedding ideas might look expensive, but it definitely makes even the slightest of the homemade ideas into a grand look for the invitations to look upon for a very long time. It’s a special occasion for you and I in a lifetime and Victorian theme wedding ideas make them just as special as they deserve to be!

About 1900’s Wedding Invitations

The design and wording of the early 1900’s wedding invitation was dictated by Victorian formal etiquette rules. By the 1900’s the art deco and flappers era loosened things up. Designs became geometric with clean lines. By the end of WWII people wanted a return to “normalcy” and the formal invitation came back in style.

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Then came the free wheeling age of “drugs, sex and rock and roll”, the 60’s, 70’s and early 80’s. Invitations had flowers in neon bright colors and “tie-dyed” papers. Of course through all of this many people stayed with the traditional invitation. This time also saw a surge in homemade wedding invitations and the trend has continued to grow in popularity. Modern technology has provided an almost infinite number of colors and types of paper and cardstock. Computers allow anyone to create beautiful custom invitations.

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