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Free Printable Valentines Day Wedding Theme Ideas & Printables

The month of February brings with it the season of love. What more romantic can be to get married than during this time?

Moreover, if this happens to be around the Valentine’s Day then there is nothing like it.

It is usually a very romantic theme for any couple to have a Valentine’s Day theme wedding idea to be materialized into reality.  

This is why the rush is indeed on a very high note during this time of the year and more and more couples run towards having the best for their special ceremony.

From the invitations to guests to the homemade nooks thus need to be organized and properly thought of in order to have perfect Valentine’s Day theme wedding done as one wishes.

My friend Richard was fond of such fascinations and thus he embarked upon it finally with a firm decision. The first thing I had in mind was to complete the official formalities and thus we booked the hall well in advance to avoid any last minute issues and later we indeed saw that we did make the perfect decision. Let me share with you my experience of this.

Valentine’s Day is something that has been a persistent source of romance in the hearts of human beings for age long. Thus a theme to incorporate Valentine’s Day essentially must paint the emotion of Vintage to the air and give it a timeless look in the theme.

Abundance of red roses and pink roses and drapes and tapestry all form that air around the reception site. Long table cloths and designed shades and candles make the atmosphere dreamy.

A soothing piano the timeless pieces of Mozart or Beethoven or Chopin with tulips, and freesia scattered carelessly around the hallway makes the entire event so much timeless.

Essentially the jewelry the bridesmaid’s and the bride herself should echo the theme with ideas such as heart shaped diamonds, rubies or even pearl doves! The invitations of guests would also be something in homemade fashion but stylish in being in the shapes of hearts pierced with cupid’s arrow.

It can demonstrate the theme much better than anything else and also portray the existence of homemade customs come alive in a theme wedding that can be truly eternal. The wedding cake can be a white layered cake with images of cherubs, flowers to grace the sides and give it the addition of the theme itself.

Being at a great time of the year, Valentine’s Day theme reception dinner can also be special candle light ones with soft music flowing all around and the guests being served with delicacies of chicken, meat, lobsters, and sweets prepared with strawberries and almonds to give it a touch of the theme as well in the food served in gold and silver and clubbed with champagne!

We really enjoyed planning all the things I told you and I must add that the theme is a sure shot winner for a perfect wedding and you would really enjoy it from the core of your heart.