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Valentines Day Craft Ideas

This year spend your Valentine Day making different types of hand made stuff and bestowing them upon your near and dear ones.

Children also can engage themselves in such jobs, as they are not very difficult in making.

You will have great fun trust me on that note and the whole family will laugh and enjoy together.

I think this can be the best gift that you can gift your family or lover.

These hand made items can be kept for years and each time you will see them memories of those time will linger in front of you.

Crafts are what make the expression of the heart complete and thus these Valentines Day craft ideas are so important for everyone.

Free funny Valentines clipart

For making, these handicrafts you will require few things that you can arrange from before hand if you are planning to make something on that day with your family. Things like scissors, a cutter, glue, brushes, sketch pens, crayons, colored papers, glitters, glitter pens, strings, small buttons, dry flowers, toffee wrappers, ice-cream sticks, tape, etc can be there in your craft box. With these, you can make stuffs like baskets with flowers, hanging butterflies, artificial roses, box of hearts, wall hangings, chandeliers, cards, etc.

For example, I will help you out here with some ideas.  I will tell you an easy process first take metallic thread; sew embellishing lines on red print fabric from top to bottom. Lines should be graceful curves and may intersect each other. Then the second step is to download and cut out patterns of your choice; preferably hearts as they are simple yet beautiful.

Free heart St. Valentine's clip art

Now from white fabric cut out shapes of wings to attach with the hearts. Then you get a flying heart. Stick two patterns facing out to give the object a hardy look. Make six of such shapes. Thirdly take a rectangular cut out of valentine theme-based paper and make six boxes on them with other colorful strips of paper. Then paste the already done flying hearts in each box. Attach ribbon from the top of the wall hanging and bestow it upon that special person. I am sure he or she will love it.

Free Valentines Graphics

        Make your beloved’s heart beat with the Free Valentines Graphics. With the modernization of the gift items and with the sender’s being busy free valentine graphics are one which is of huge demand. It is very easy to send and also very time saving. When it comes to the loved one and giving any gift to the beloved it has to be special and unique. The free Valentine graphics are no doubt special and unique. You can use these graphics to surprise your dear sweetheart. You just need to find out the different types of graphics from the internet, like some graphics are available in animated form whereas some available in different themes.

Free cat St. Valentines Day Graphic

You just need to choose from the gallery of graphics which one suits you or which one you like the most. You can also choose thinking which one your sweetheart will like the most.

You can also use the graphics with messages like ‘I Love You!’ or something like that. Well, can you imagine! Your beloved is turning the computer on, the windows are starting gradually and the computer is on he/she is getting to see a flower with a message ‘I Love You!’. This will be a huge joy for him/her. Not only joy but this will also let him/her know how much you are in love with that person and how much you care to make the person happy.Not only for the beloved but you can also use these graphics for your friend, parents and kids.


The most famous clip art that are used more often is flower or bouquet of flowers. An image of a big heart is also very popular that usually signifies love as well as the importance of this day. Sometimes clipart of animated snow couples in the mood of love is also a brilliant way to convey this message.

Valentine’s Day is one occasion when you can use anything that looks cute, as a gift for someone you love. It does not have to be elaborately decorated or very expensive. Just as the symbol of love is the cute little cupid, anything that you give can also be cute. A cute little Valentine’s card would be a good gift for the day. 

The wordings should also be very cute so that it matches the mood and the spirit of the clipart you have chosen. When you find a perfect match between your message and the clipart, you can rest assured that the card will have a great impact on your valentine. On this site, you can create your own Valentine cards without having to pay money for any of the services.