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Unique Wedding Shower Sample Invites

 Would you like to see some free wedding shower invitation samples before you decide whether to buy or make the invitations for your best friend’s bridal shower?

We allow you to print online a sample of the design and wording and invitation card that you are interested in.

If the shower will be a bridal brunch, you could use a photo or clip art of a table laden with food and this sample verse:

Please join the bridesmaids
as we shower
with love and gifts
at a bridal brunch
day, date, time
RSVP: name and phone number
Lizzie is registered at
Target and Crate N Barrel

A recipe shower design template could have a cookbook, recipe box, pie or other food items as the graphic on the invitation.

The wording could ask guests to bring a favorite recipe on a card you enclose with the invite. It might read similar to this:

You are invited to a recipe bridal shower
for Lana Ann
on: day, date and time
location and address
please write a favorite recipe
on the enclosed card
regrets only: name and phone number

When you are using homemade invitations you can be creative with design and wording choices. You can also tailor the invitation to the personality and temperment of the guest of honor. If the bride is traditional you would do well to have a traditional shower.

Please join us
for a bridal shower
honoring Kylie Marie Davis
day, date, time
RSVP to: name and phone number
Kylie is registered at ABC Home Store

If the bride is unknown to many of the guests this would be an appropriate choice of wording for your homemade invitations:

They’re getting married
and can hardly wait
We’re having a shower
and here is the date
please join us for a linen shower
to honor and meet Leah King
fiance of Joseph Wiley
place and address
RSVP to: Alberta King, phone number
by: date

If you are planning a theme shower look for sample invitations that suit that theme. You will not only save money by making your invites, you can be creative and have fun. Get inspiration from free wedding shower invitation samples you find online.

Bridal Shower Invitation Ideas

If you have planned a theme for the shower then you will want to find a design template that suits your theme. If you know the wedding theme you may want to coordinate your invitations with the wedding theme.

For a time of day shower, a sundial or a clock would make a really cute invitation. Your verse could be like this:


You are invited
to a time of day shower
for Carly
on day, date, time
at: address
your time frame is: 7-10am
Please bring a gift to fit that time
coffee maker, mugs, etc.

In this case you may want to include a list of suggested gifts to suit the different times. Are you planning a “garden shower”? Photos or clip art images of flowers, BBQ grill, picnic table or other outdoor items would make a great design for the invitations. A western shower invitation could feature horses, horseshoes, a wanted poster or a couple in western attire. You could use wording similar to this:

We are rounding up
Kelly’s friends and family
for a wedding shower
so wear your jeans and boots
and join us for a barbecue
at: place and address
on: day, date, time
regrets only: name and phone number

Some more tips on making a wedding shower cards:

 Bridal showers are definitely the favourite events for young girls. Throwing a surprise wedding shower is a fun thing to do for your best friends that get married.

Having a last ‘crazy’ fun night with them is always such a special occasion and should always be specially celebrated. Whether it is a surprise bridal shower or not, wedding shower cards are the first details that need your attention when organising this event.

Before deciding on the card’s design, there are several facts to be taken into consideration when planning this party. Is the bride a wild girl that totally changed after knowing the love of her life, is she the brave girl or the same crazy girl that you always knew?

By taking into consideration the future bride’s personality, you can move a step forward and start thinking about the shower card’s design. Most of the bridal shower cards have brides’ pictures on them, but is that really what you wish for? Why don’t you choose some girls having a good time as the card’s design? The groom doesn’t have to see it…Right? However, if your friend would like to have it all like in classical fairy tales, make sure that you organize things in such way that her dream comes true. After all, it is her wedding shower.

Probably the best idea for spectacular bridal shower cards are the hand made ones. You probably know the best the things that brought you as best girlfriends closer. Is it a location or a certain ice cream type? Glue all the symbols of your friendship together and celebrate the memories of old times when you were just little girls and dreamed about having something old and blue at your wedding.

Wedding showers are all about celebrating friendship, beginnings and ends of roads by the side of different people. Wedding shower cards are in my opinion the strongest memories that will remain both for the bride and her friends from the old times when they were young and passionate about everything.