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Free Printable Twins Party Invitations and Decorations

A twins party can be a real fun experience, for the twins and for the guests as well.

There are plenty of ides to choose from, depending whether you have two boys, two girls, or a boy and a girl.

You can choose further themes and make all the arrangement accordingly.

Themes such as two peas in a pod, princess and pirate, Minnie mouse and Mickey mouse, cowboy and cowgirl and more all fit to such a party.

1. Party Decorations

The decorations that you choose depend on the theme. If the party is for a boy and the girl, use pink and blue with polka dots and stripes. If it's for two girls, you can go for a pink theme and if they are boys, you can go for blue. If you decide to choose one of the themes mentioned above, you can get all the decorations and supplies that fit with this theme.

There are printable decorations online that you can find for this party. For example if you need polka dot and baby blue banners, signs and cupcake tops, you can print them at home and use them for the party.

If you don't want to choose any theme for such a birthday, you can use the favorite colors of the twins and create or buy your decorations accordingly.

2. Party Games

You can have all kinds of games that kids love, such as scavenger hunt, decorating cupcakes, making crafts. The game should depend also on the theme you have chosen. For example if you have a princess and prince party, you can provide some masks and crowns to everyone that they can decorate, and they can all be princesses and princes. If you choose the polka dot and baby blue theme, each guest can decorate their own cupcake using pink or blue icing sugar and whipped cream.

3. Party Invitations

For the invitations you can do something fun. For example you can take a photo of the twins wearing the same outfits. You can also dress them into the outfit fitting to the theme, such as princess and pirate, Minnie mouse and Mickey mouse, cowboy and cowgirl etc. Another idea is to include their hand-prints or footprints on the invitation.

You can also simply look for twin party invitations that you can download and print. Many of them feature cute twins or twin baby animals that everyone will surely love.

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