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DIY Free Printable Transformers Party Invitation Templates & Kits

 Boys (and girls for that matter) absolutely love the Transformers. There is just something about seemingly normal vehicles transforming into huge robots.

Who would NOT like that? The latest movie series has only served to boost the popularity of the Transformers.

As a result, you will find more people than ever asking for a Transformers party. How do you go about planning one? Well, let me share with you a few of my ideas!

Firstly we are going to need to get started with those decorations. Thankfully for you this should not be that difficult.

You see, there are plenty of party stores out there which will quite literally be packed to the brim with decorations for this occasion.

I am sure that you will be able to find plenty of things for the party. Do not forget to stock up on Transformers-themed party plates, party favors, cups, invitations, and just about anything else that you may need to make that room look fantastic.

If you are more of the artistic type then you may even want to try and make your own Transformers decorations. There are plenty of ideas out there that you can use. I have seen a couple of easy 'step by step' guides online.

One thing that works remarkably well for any party based around a 'toy theme' is to try and incorporate some of the toys from the series into the decoration. You can then give these to your child as a present afterwards! To be honest though, Transformers toys are quite expensive. It is unlikely that you will want to try and put too many into the room. You can pick up some cheaper Transformer-esque toys, but most people tend to veer away from these. You know kids, they want the real thing after all!

In terms of food there is nothing really special that you can do. Just some decent party food that people can pick up and munch on from time to time and you should be good to go. You can always try and make your own Transformer cake. To be honest with you though, picking one up from your local store should be perfectly fine. Most large supermarkets will keep a collection of cakes like this 'in stock' so you should not have too many problems picking up something that will work a treat. If you do not want to get one big cake you could always look down the route of getting a couple of smaller cup cakes with a 'Transformers print' on top.

In terms of entertainment, games may be out of the window at your transformers party. Instead you may want to watch a couple of Transformers movies. My suggestion is that you watch the animated ones as opposed to the 'live action' versions. This is mainly because the animated Transformers movies are actually designed for children. Some parents may not be happy with you allowing their child to watch the live action versions. There is actually quite a bit of violence in them! (you can of course ask permission in advance if you want!)

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