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Theme Wedding Ideas

If you are planning a theme wedding, you will want some theme wedding reception ideas.

I recently went to a reception that was unforgettable. My granddaughter had a country-wedding theme and we had no idea what to do for the reception them other than some country decorations.

She wanted wedding favors for the theme and we were having problems with that. My idea was inexpensive and turned out lovely. I suggested going to the dollar store and looking for candles to match her theme colors and adding some ribbons. For the candle to represent her theme, I suggested buying horse shaped candles.

We could not find the horse shaped candles so I went to the local crafts store and found some small horse molds and we made our own horse candles for the tables. Everything thing turned out nicely. I had been at a wedding reception where the bride chose a movie theme for her reception. The movie was “Born free” with Elsie the lion cub. It was her favorite movie so she chose a safari theme for the reception. It was quite amazing how she put it all together. She had lions, elephants, tigers and Siberian tigers for her table favors.

Other theme wedding reception ideas I have seen are fairy tales, tropical, Christmas, Valentines Day and wolves or wilderness themes. There are so many different invitation cards with beautiful designs as well to match any theme, or you can make them yourself. I am always amazed when I go to wedding with a theme attached to it, I know they are going to be something to talk about for a long time. I would never have imagined that the traditional weddings move out of the picture and fun wedding would enter. The theme weddings are more fun than a traditional wedding I must say.

"It’s excitement that only grows….
It’s an event everyone treasures…
It’s a longing we all succumb to….
It’s a lure we never ever resist"

It’s all about your wedding. Couples are so enthusiastic about their wedding that they want it to be perfect. They want it to be an extraordinary affair with rare arrangements and theme. Although themes have just entered wedding scenario but it is taking the wedding affairs by storm.

You will find several wedding themes interesting and entertaining but what suits most to your taste is perhaps best choice for you. If you are fun loving couples then go for a lavish Asian theme it is most happening and indulges lot of loud décor, music and festivity. The venue could be from a house to a banquet. Asian weddings are lavish with vast menus and rainbow colors.

There is a beach theme, Western theme, all white theme, rainbow theme, tropical theme, wild flower theme, country theme and Hawaiian theme just to name a few.

Apart from all these options even a simple floral theme can do wonders to your arrangement and table layout. You can even live our fantasies of your favorite stars by enacting retro period of their stardom. It is quite simple to decide on the theme if you be sincere and true to your choice as a couple. Sit together or hire a wedding planner listing all that you would like to be present at your wedding. Once it is done select the theme that fulfils your requirement to maximum level and voila! You have a perfect theme for your wedding.

You can also make arrangements through online stores as they also take care of the rest of accessories and décor. Food again is a matter of personal choice but you can certainly add spice of your theme by adding some relative dishes to the menu. Have a memorable wedding with theme as you like it!

Marriages are made in heaven, settled on earth and performed between two souls bonded forever. For such an ecstatic destined wonder a theme celebration wouldn’t be asking for too much. Are you excited about your wedding? We can very well apprehend your anxiety about colors, venue, menu and decorations.

This particular moment in every ones life is worth making special. Perhaps one’s wedding calls for a celebration and one wishes to celebrate in style. Weddings are like fantasies dressed in reality to pinch your thoughts and pockets as well. We organize so many things for the big day such as the florist, favors, caterers, rings and venue decors. An addition of a theme would only add more bright stars to the lightened sky. Themes offer you a chance to live few hours in your special era or perhaps dress up in one of your favorite looks. Like if you both like a retro period then let the party roll in that theme and make your event a memorable one.

Besides being unique, themes are phenomenon and offer you a great advantage of being concentrated in your efforts. If you both have decided on the castle theme royal marriage then let the procession begin being dressed as prince and princess. These small but cute details get sealed in reminisce forever. There are several online stores that offer special discounts and services for theme weddings. They even suggest novice concepts for adventurous couples. They have wedding planners as well who can take care of entire arrangements like décor, menu, entertainment and favors, leaving space for you to just dress up for your special day. Make a go, select a theme and get wedded in style.

Selecting an appropriate theme would make your arrangements more splendid even in small budget, and if you can afford to be extravagant then sky is the limit for your wedding fantasies, but yes! Do live them! Unique theme weeding ideas are so hard to think about when you are planning your own wedding. I needed some ideas that were unique and different from any other wedding I have attended or heard about before.

My future husband and I wanted something no one would forget or be able to redo. We thought about it for months. We had some intriguing ideas such as a carnival wedding, boat wedding, bungee jumping wedding and a fourth of July wedding theme or a Las Vegas styled wedding. We decided on a carnival wedding. It was s delight to plan and make all the arrangements.

For our carnival wedding, we chose a miniature horse-riding ring for the kids, some adults did try the experience, and we had game stands, some blow up jumping rooms as well as a tilt a whirl ride. We held the wedding in a large area of our local park and we had a justice of the piece marry us in front of out friends and family. After the ceremony, the DJ started playing the fun began. We had games such as tossing a ball in a fish bowl, shooting arrows at balloons as well as a few others. We also had a video bowling game that has become so popular.

I chose carnival type invitation cards, which I created the designs for myself and our unique theme wedding ideas were the best we had. Everyone enjoyed our day just as much as we did. It was a casual wedding, but it was fun for everyone. The ride and the pony rides were a big hit with all ages and the games had little wedding favors as a prize for winning. I believe we succeeded in having the most unique wedding ever according to out guests that attended.

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Wedding Theme Color Ideas

I have a son who was planning his wedding to a very colorful girl and she had some theme wedding color ideas that I found a little unorthodox, but my son assured me that this was how weddings are planned these days. She planned for the bridesmaids to be in a black dress while her dress was white with no straps with a red lace around the top of the dress. The back of the dress had a red lace insert that flowed the entire length of the dress. Now I have seen other weddings lately that have veered away from the tradition white wedding.

I have seen wedding themes with blues, pinks, yellows, purple, black, orange and lime green. Whether these are the new wedding colors or not they were very colorful wedding color ideas. The beach theme seems be popular with jus about any color. I have seen so many different colors at a beach theme wedding that I would have thought it was live saver candy theme. One wedding I went to was themed after the rainbow. This wedding was just beautiful with all the pretty colors of the rainbow. The bride even had pictures of rainbows she had captured over the years blown up and they were displayed everywhere.

Cards come with so many different colors and the designs are so unusual than the traditional wedding invitations. I must be getting older, because the wedding colors today have no boundaries. Theme wedding color ideas have flourished into a beautiful array of colors. It does add beauty to the wedding and the reception. It makes it more of a personal event rather than a same old traditional wedding idea. You can use any color you want today for a wedding theme and still have the same meaning behind the wedding.

Pink Wedding Theme

Red Wedding Theme