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Thanksgiving Wedding Party

Why should you have a Thanksgiving wedding?

The idea of a Thanksgiving wedding might seem strange to some people.

However, it can actually be a very interesting event for two reasons: it is the most special day of your life, and it is also a beloved holiday.

Most people decide to have their weddings in the summer, but this can already become a cliche. Besides, not all people like summer, and in certain areas it can get too hot. This way a nice warm autumn day at Thanksgiving is just perfect. Fall has certainly a kind of romance to it, a feeling of nostalgia and beauty. Getting married on Thanksgiving therefore is always beautiful.

Some people decide to have a thanksgiving wedding for financial reasons as well. During autumn everything is off season therefore it is much cheaper. You can also have a wonderful honeymoon without having to spend so much money on it. 

A fall weather is also more predictable than summer. During summer it can be too hot or there could be a huge storm. This doesn't happen during autumn.

Thanksgiving is a time that you spend with your family and friends anyway, and this way you can be sure that everybody will be there for the wedding. However, make sure that you announce the wedding in time, before your friends make plans with their own families.

The symbolism of Thanksgiving:

Thanksgiving symbolizes love, friendship, hope, sharing and giving thanks. All these also fit perfectly to a wedding, which marks a relevant point in ones life. It is a time to say thanks for your partner, for finding love, and a time of hope for the future. Love is what you should be the most thankful for.

The Thanksgiving Wedding Dinner

The dinner will be without doubt a traditional one: all the more reason to get married on this occasion. Everybody likes roast turkey, stuffing and mashed potatoes, and having a pie at the end will just make the dinner even more perfect. Most Thanksgiving dishes are comfort foods, so you can just have a buffet and make all the guests happy.

For the wedding cake you can make a cake in the shape of a pumpkin. With orange fondant you can do this easily. The cream should be pumpkin of course! Combine it with chocolate or vanilla.

It will be fairly easy to decorate the place of the wedding reception. As long as you use the same decorations as you would use for Thanksgiving, you will have a nice atmosphere. You can make the place a bit more festive and elegant by using candles and elegant china. Centerpieces made out of autumn leaves and small pumpkins here and there will set the nostalgic fall mood.

Free Printable Thanksgiving Wedding Invitations and Kits

Thanksgiving is a wonderfully romantic time to have a wedding. The colors all around are so beautiful that is makes a great setting for a marriage ceremony.
You can incorporate a Thanksgiving theme for the wedding to make it unique and trendy. You can really come up with wonderful ideas for the dresses worn by the bride and the bridesmaids. Colors like ivory, white or even gold would be ideal for the bride’s gown.

The bridesmaids can wear matching colors or even wear different fall colors to reflect the autumn theme. Since the weather can be a little chilly, the fabrics chosen need to be a little heavy to keep them warm. The colors for the groom and his attendants can be a range spanning beige, tan and brown instead of the traditional black, white or dark blue suits.

The ties that they wear could be of fall colors to match the dresses worn by the bridesmaids. Their boutonnière can also be a fall flower. These would make for some unique and creative Thanksgiving wedding ideas. Some card papers even come in wonderful shapes in the form of autumn leaves instead of the traditional rectangular form of usual cards.

You can use flowers like hydrangeas, sunflowers, chrysanthemums, orchids, roses, lilies, dahlias, yarrow, baby breath, daisies together with fall leaves to create the Thanksgiving mood for the occasion. The cake can be decorated with fall flowers and leaves with mini apples and marzipan fruit. Using these unique and creative Thanksgiving wedding ideas for the reception party would make the occasion truly memorable.

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