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Free Printable Teenage Birthday Invitations

Invitation Cards To Celebrate Teenage Birthdays.....

Creating 13th birthday party invitations for my son turned out to be a lot of fun as I got to explore several fun ideas and concepts.

The entry into teenage is always a special moment for kids and I needed stylish templates to welcome him to his new phase and let all the visitors know that big celebrations were in order.

I went “caralizews” with an race car style theme that had plenty of design choices.

The background was set and I uploaded his picture for that personal effect on the cards to celebrate teenager birthdays. The invitation was printable and I planned to take out multiple copies from my home computer.

Several customization options were also present as I fiddled with the card until everything seemed just perfect.

Michael Bates, NJ

Organizing Teen Party

Do you have the energy? Are you ready to hit the floor?

Yes, that’s the teen spirit cheerful and chill. A teenage theme party spells like thrilling, energetic, enthusiastic nuisance. Don’t get us wrong but that’s is the teenage phase we all been through. Teen age is curious and adventurous willing to try anything and everything. Girls dressed in short skirts, proms, candies, movies, baseball games and X box all this goes along the teenage theme.

If you have set your mind on hosting a teenage theme party then get started with funky invitations like “come dude join the gang”. The venue should be cool at your house, and décor has to be banners and posters of famous rock stars. Table ware has got to be colorful with teens printed on them. Teens are quite fascinated with science fiction movies, so it would be a good idea to organize screening of some latest fiction movies. You can also set some nasty party games or some action games spread all over like a pool table and manual team football set or fix up your play station. A dance floor is an absolute must with some ear blasting music. Sounds crazy! But teenagers are like that.

Food has to be loads of junkies like pizza, pastas, burgers, noodles, popcorns, ice creams, drinks and finger snacks. You can also arrange for some souvenirs related to your party like a rock star poster or anything that befits your budget. All said and done you can order your supplies from online stores on net and make your job easier. Several online stores cater to plenty of themes and provide you with exceptional accessories. So get going and behave like a cute teenager.

Free Printable 13th Birthday Invitation Templates

My cousin turned 13 a week ago and his birthday bash was a grand affair.Everyone in the family had a certain responsibility before the birthday as I took over the charge of the invitations. The sample designs and decorations that I saw seemed to be too clichéd and outdated so I kept searching online to see if there were ideas for a teenager’s 13th birthday to help me out. Surprisingly, I got hold of a treasure-trove of ideas and inspirations.

The first thing that I did was to look for a specific theme based invitation to create a special look. We had settled on ideas for a teenager’s 13th birthday and chosen the special pirates theme because he loved to imagine himself as a pirate. I managed to find templates that dealt with the basic concept of the theme, leaving plenty of room for customizations of my own. The artwork was crisp and clear with a fun side to it that would appeal to kids.

Boy's 13th birthday party invitation template

Boy's 13th birthday Care-Bear party invitation card

Girl's 13th birthday Care-Bear party invitation template

Having the basic layout of 13th birthday party invitations, I moved on towards styling and design.Various stylized fonts and wordings were available to represent different types of themes. I found my match resembling pirates, modified the name and certain words in order to create the final verse. The ideas for a teenager’s 13th birthday were complete and my exclusive card was now ready for bulk printing.

Once the template was created, it started to download without any hassles. In the entire process, I found out that the website also offered ideas and designs for a lot of other events and celebrations. The party turned out to be a huge hit and all the kids loved such homemade invitations instead of standard store bought cards. The website turned out to be the perfect portal for 13th birthday party invitations, making me realize its utility for people everywhere.

Ross Gilmore, AZ

14th Birthday Party Invitation – Unique Art

Children normally love all kinds of animals, especially their young ones. So kitten and puppies are children’s favorites most of the time. Since children are fond of playing with cute little dolls, these creatures are almost like dolls, only they are alive which makes it all the more exciting to kids. If you let them play, they would be playing all day long with the kittens. Kittens especially are extremely mischievous and inquisitive. They are also very energetic and playful.

You can leave children with a cat and you will find that the cat can keep them occupied all day long. Just like adults are interested in playing with big dogs and cats, children love to play with puppies and kittens. Even puppy dolls and kitten dolls seem to interest children a lot. A cat doll would be an ideal present for any child. In fact doll representing any animal would be equally fascinating for the child. Even if you wish to send a greeting card, a cat greeting card would be a great choice for children. They would really love a cat birthday invitation or greeting card than any other type of card.

Free printable Girl's 14th birthday party invitation card

Free printable Boy's 14th birthday party invitation template

Free printable 14th birthday greeting card

To send cat birthday invitation cards, you can  print our free cat invite or use our form to personalize and email your invitation! You can then choose to include cat pictures to the card as well. You can browse through your hard drive and pick and choose the cat pictures that you want to add to the card and upload them to the site.

You are allowed a maximum of 4 pictures per card. You can then customize the card with your name and location information and then submit it to the site. The card will be stored online and you can send the location of the card to your recipients to view the card.

15th Birthday Party Invitation – Unique Art

 Beach Theme Party

If you are looking to have a party during the late spring or even summer then beach party theme ideas are a great way to have a party and still get outside and enjoy the fabulous weather.With plenty of local beaches around almost any area there is a lot of space that you can use to spread your party out.

Look to some great decorations like tablecloths and your plates and napkins to really help you make a great cohesive theme for your party. Plenty of options exist to allow you to have a Hawaiian type beach party, or even just a volleyball type of party.

Free printable 15th birthday invitation card

Example of 15th birthday party invitation card

It is easy to find cheap supplies for a summer party as well because there are so many great choices. You can easily select decorations that fit into your budget, and even have some money left over to purchase some great swimming toys to really take your beach party theme up a few notches. If you are doing a beach party theme for smaller children then it is often a good idea to have a party at your own home with a small pool and plenty of adult supervision.

This allows everyone to easily keep track of children, if you have larger children then take the party to the actual beach and enjoy making smores and playing plenty of water games that can all result in a great fun party without breaking the budget just to find a few decorations. Beach party theme ideas are always a lot of fun to create so have some fun with it and enjoy your next party.

Sweet Sixteen Birthday Party Invitation – Unique Art

When a young girl turns sixteen, the girl turns into a young woman. It is a crucial juncture in her life, as she leaves behind her dolls and toys. Simultaneously, she starts evincing interest in boys and vice versa. Traditionally, people celebrate this point of transition in a girl’s life by throwing a sweet sixteen party in honor of the girl concerned.

They send out invitations to all the family members and friends to join in the celebration.To do this, they start looking for invitations that are embellished with suitable wording verses. Following the tradition, you have decided to plan and arrange a sweet sixteen party and, for this, you have reached our site. You surely want to select super suggestions here for sweet sixteen invitation verses.

Example of Sweet Sixteen Cinderella birthday party invitation card

Anne, my cousin, hosted a great sweet sixteen party at her house recently. Her daughter Bennetta turned sixteen and wanted to invite all her class friends and have a bash on the occasion. Anne also wanted to invite all her close family members to the party. Nevertheless, as they were both putting their heads together for making all the arrangements, they were stuck at the point where they wanted to find one of the suitable sweet sixteen invitation wording verses for the occasion. 
Several people, like Anne and Bennetta, come to here in order to select super suggestions here for sweet sixteen invitation wording verses and then go ahead with arranging a great sweet sixteen party.

Time has come to celebrate 16, the sweet.
We invite you to share our joy and a nice treat!

16th Birthday Party Invitation – Unique Art

Western Cowboy Party Theme

Yee haw….! Load up your young cowboys and cowgirls for clomping with western party. It’s a lovely theme and kids love to dress up in those huge western style hats. Saddles, horseshoes, hats, horses (fake ones), beer mugs and sheriff badges all would do exceptionally well in a western party. Decorations can also include balloons, horseshoes and rustic tables and chairs to get the right look for the party.

Have some water guns and squirt guns for game sessions such as shooting cans, bottles or filling up water in a distant eye hole. So much for boys and for girls you can organize dance competition, coloring contest or series of activities to be performed in a short span of time. It would add to fun if you organize a real pony ride or bull ride for kids.

Let the music of cotton eye Joe roll at the back drop and some Mexican delicacies would make a great combo with your theme. Bandanas or horseshoes would make great party favors and kids love to keep them as souvenirs. This party is truly on a roll if you get going with great western party supplies from stores online or else you might doze off due to tiredness in the party.

Western cowboy-theme birthday party invitation template

Cowgirl-theme birthday party invitation card

17th Birthday Party Invitation – Unique Art

Circus Theme Parties

All of my kids love Jo Jo the Clown, and my youngest one Linda is the biggest fan, so for her 4th birthday party, we decided to celebrate the festivity with a circus theme. I didn’t wish for just a Jo Jo party as all traditional circus-clown parties are, so we planned it out in such a manner that all things circus got involved. I began planning the major event 6 weeks earlier than the exact date of her birthday.

After deciding theme, first of all I hired a clown. And after this arrangement; next, I arranged the list of guests to be invited. For making invitations, I searched websites offering theme-supplies for parties and found custom-made invitations to be quite costly for as many as I required (30), so I prepared my own.

I used yellow postcards and pasted my daughter’s cutest photo in the middle, and for printing, I used my home pc colored printer. I had set for red so I purchased rolls of red, purple and yellow synthetic tablecloth from a sales shop. By altering all the three colors, I hung 3 of these cloths in row falling from our basement ceiling and then all around onto the floor.

It really gave a touch of a big circus area and looked far better than I had imagined it to be! I just arranged 2 group games since I know children at that age just want to play. To pin the nose on the joker game was $20 adding online shipping supplies charges so I prepared one of Jo Jo. The second group game was Musical Tightrope. My hubby prepared the tightrope out of a two by four and I dyed the rope into red.

I rented a kids’ circus song CD from the nearby shop to play during the game. Theme parties are always cool to plan out. Mia won’t have a great party like this every birthday as it demands lots of work, but it was a love every minute just to look at my daughter’s joyful face. She was smiling and giggling all through the party. I’m still receiving emails and compliments from friends about how much entertainment their children had on the day of party.

Circus teen boy birthday party invitation template

17th birthday circus girl party invitation template

Download 17th birthday invitation card

18th Birthday Party Invitation – Unique Art

Butterflies! Yes, the sweet butterflies, they instantly remind me of colors, freedom, and their lovely wings. Butterfly is perhaps the only insect children relate to, even the socializing celebrities are better known as social butterflies. Butterfly theme is a wonderful concept for any party as it offers a wide range for décor, colors and activities for your party.

Don’t worry about the invitations; you can get free butterfly party invitations at our web site.You can set the butterfly theme with any occasion like birthday, baby shower, tea party or even christening. They are apt for any event. You can download and print our unique invitations as flyers to décor for your party, simply change the template and use it to your purpose.

Plan some games related to butterfly theme like cutting and coloring of wings, if it’s a birthday party get a butterfly shaped cake. Organize a treasure hunt and hide different styled wings at distant places in the venue and the child collecting most of them could be declared a winner.

Oh! Dear butterfly, you fly so high,
If I had your wings, I would make rainbows shy.

The theme is so wide that you can do endless things to enhance it. If you do not want to indulge in expenditures, buy inexpensive favors related to butterflies like a honey jar with stationery or a kit for making beautiful butterflies. Here, we are not just designing free butterfly party invitation but even suggesting you a few tips from our experience so that you can gain maximum advantage from us. Trust 4N-invite and rebound the magic of your parties with incredible invitations.

18th birthday car-race party invitation template

Free printable butterfly teen birthday invitation

Download 18th birthday butterfly party invitation cards

19th Birthday Party Invitation – Unique Art

Disco Parties

 Nearly all parties that are based around a particular era are considered to be really appealing because each and every guest has to be a symbol of that era throughout their costumes, their hair styles, accessories etc. Seventies era was acknowledged to be the era of revolution with rock n’ roll, famed TV shows etc. Here are a few Disco party ideas, which I’m going to share with you; and I had hunt for theme party supplies a lot to make the party brilliant.

Above all, I had asked my guests to be dressed in the costumes of seventies, which absolutely given my party an attitude of seventies. It is also significant that you embellish the surroundings with disco party supplies of seventies so that awhile everyone would believe that they have gone back in the seventies era. You can jazz up the party with the seventies party favors.

Games are an integral part of theme parties. And party games entice the hearts of all invites as party supplies, decorations, and favors beautify the table and surroundings. I had arranged one of my favorite Seventies Party Games, where the guests are requested to share the unusual stuff that they had been doing in that decade.

Download disco teen girl birthday party template

19th birthday disco boy party invitation cards

Each guest must be sharing the special events that they can recall to their minds and individually they will share their part. This game turned out really attention-grabbing with different people presenting with the thrilling experiences in their lives.

It was like an account telling event by the fire and it will absolutely attract all the guests who will be beyond doubt waiting for the next participant to share their part of the fiction. You might wonder that getting theme parties arranged can be in fact costly for buying supplies, but in any case, you need to explore as to how much it is actually going to cost you rather than contemplating on what you have heard.