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Free Printable Tamil Wedding Invitation Templates

The Tamil people, also known as Tamilians or Tamils, are an ethnic group from South Asia.


 They are an old people with a written history of more than 2000 years and they have been living in the southern parts of India and the northeastern parts of Sri Lanka.

They have Tamil language as their mother tongue, which is the member of the Dravidian family of languages.

Most of the Tamil people are Hindus, although many are Muslims and Christians. Most of the Christians are Roman Catholics.

As for the weddings, Tamil people have very elaborate rituals.

Their weddings are very colorful and vibrant and include many traditions that differ from community to community although basic details are the same. One of them is that the time of the weddings is organized meaning that according to their calendar Tamil weddings are not organized in the months of Aashad (15th July to 15th August), Bhadrapad (15th September to 15th October) and Shunya (15th December to 15th January).

The Tamil wedding involves a number of ceremonies that are performed to ensure that the bride and the groom enter into their new phase of life. The weddings have some specific rituals before, during, and after the wedding followed with religious observance.

Tamil pre-wedding rituals include a number of rituals where members of both families-the bride's and the groom's are engaged in preparing of the ceremony, which is considered as very important event in their lives. Before the wedding day, the bride's family performs a ceremony called Paalikali Thalippu.

With the sounds of music, sandalwood paste and kumkum powder are used for decoration of special clay pots in which a little bit of curd and nine types of grain is put. This is done by married women from both families which get presents for this. Also before the wedding, a bathing rituals are being organized separately in bride's and groom's house. This ritual is called Kalyanaponnu.

On the very day of the wedding, the groom pretends to leave for Kashi to devote himself to God and life of prayer implying that he is not interested in getting married and becoming a householder.

The girl's father requests him to accept his daughter to be his life partner and to accept the responsibilities as a householder. Then, the groom returns to the wedding hall where he is received by the bride. After that they sit in a swing and some rituals are being held for which is believed to scare away evil spirits.

The next phase of the Tamil wedding is so called "giving away of the bride" called Kanyadaan. When the groom arrives to the place where wedding rituals should be held, he is welcomed by his new in-laws. The mother of the bride applies the kajal in the groom's eyes and the father of the bride washes his son-in-law's feet.

This ritual symbolizes that the groom is an incarnation of Lord Vishnu believing that he will take good care of their daughter. Then, the bride sits in her father's lap holding coconut in her hands. They offer it to the groom while the mother of the bride pours water over the coconut. The parents of the groom then gift the bride a nine-yard sari to wear it for the next ritual.

After these rituals, the groom takes the bride's right hand in his left hand leading her around the sacred fire seven times. The bride touches her feet to a grinding stone each round, which symbolizes her hope that their marriage will be firm as the grinding stone. At this point, they are considered to be married.

After that, both families exchange clothes and other gifts, which is called Sammandhi Mariyathai. The wedding ceremony ends by seeking the blessing of the bride and the groom from the senior members of the family.

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