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Survey Reminder Email Template

1. In such an email you are asking for a favor.

Make sure that you express your appreciation.

If there is a possibility, offer something in return for filling out the survey.

This can be a gift coupon, a discount coupon or something of the kind.

2. When you create a survey reminder letter example, you need to inspire trust. Communicate the fact that the answers will be only used for the purposes that you have explained.

3. Remind the reader of the reason of the survey.

4. Include the date of the deadline for filling out the survey.

5. Include the name of the survey in the subject line.

Sample letter

Subject line: Reminder of the employee meeting evaluation survey submission

Dear Mr. Jacks,

This is to remind you that you have agreed to participate in the survey Employee meeting evaluation.

If you have not completed the survey yet, please do so. The deadline of filling out and submitting the survey is next week, the 12th of March. Please follow this link to complete the survey: Your responses will be anonymous.

If you have already completed the survey, thank you. Your opinion is very valuable to us, and your time will be greatly appreciated.

Melany Griffin
School Principle, West Garden High