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Superman Theme Party

If your kid is into superheroes and he or she loves Superman the most, why not throw a superman party. You can also make it a kryptonite party, where you could recreate the city of Krypton.

Party Activities

Choose an episode of the superman cartoons or movie, and play this for the kids. You can play an episode at the beginning of the party as an icebreaker and one at the end of the party as well.

When the kids arrive, give to each a superman emblem and a cape that they can wear. You can find these at costume stores or you can simply make some from fabric. You can incorporate other superheroes into the party, such as iron man, spider man and so on.

Make a costume party, where your child is superman and the rest of the friends can choose a superhero that they like. This is a lot of fun for kids of all ages, even for adults.

If the kids are older, play Superman trivia. You can select the questions before, you can ask the other parents to help you out. You can also buy a trivia book or look online.

Play a who am I game. For this each kid can be a character from Superman, and they each get their names written on a sticker and placed on their backs. They all have to ask questions from each other until they can guess who their character is. The one who guesses right for the first time wins.

Party Decorations

You can get superman plates, cups and other tableware with superman on it. There are also balloons with the emblem and beautiful centerpieces for the tables. Look for printable decorations that you can print out at home on thick paper. For example the superman S emblem can look great on a banner as well, or even when it is hung on the door saying Welcome to the party! underneath it.

There are a lot of Superman invitations online that you can print, most of them featuring superman himself or the superman symbol. You can also sometimes find printable invitation templates that let you upload the photo of your kid and add it to the template. When you print it. it will seem like your child has a superman cape on.

Other Superman invitations have a large superman S emblem embossed. If you can find superman stickers, add some of these to the invitation in the envelope. It will be a nice surprise for the receiver.

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