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Summer Wedding Printable Templates

"Oh Venus! Make my wish come true!"

She is the persona of Venus that is about to enter your life to make it happy and blissful.

If you really feel this special about your partner then why not make pink angelic summer the theme of your wedding and gift her a precious moment for years to treasure.

Summer season is amongst the most popular season of weddings and most of the couples prefer to get in wedlock in this season only.

Weather is quite favorable and you have abundant choices as far as venue is concerned. So what could be done in great way in months of May, June, July and August?

When we think of summer one thinks of heat and white, quite correlated. Summer noon is hot and sunny so let white rule your wedding-white tuxedo, white gown, white drapes, tableware, silver accessories on table and white chocolate box with silver line as favor.

Celebrating and justifying arrival of your better half in your life. Summer theme can be organized even in very low budget and needs just few accessories and creativity to make most of the least available.

You can also do wonders with beach summer theme or novice garden theme in summers. It’s perhaps lot of fun to enjoy natural gifts of summer via organizing a summer fruits and fun theme wedding.

This could be lot of color and intricately decorated fruit basket as accessories, fruits baskets as great favors for guest. Even menu can have vast variety of fruits in varied forms such as fruit punches, spicy fruit salad and grilled fruits. Well its not always nit and grit in summer theme instead one can also opt for formal and classy wedding.

Flowers are generally a savior amid all theme incorporated in most of the themes. Then you can go for a summer theme beach wedding. Summer themes are so indulging that you can keep sitting for hours without reaching a conclusion. Let summer season breathe and follow your heart!