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Free Printable Star Theme Ideas and Templates

Looking back into the time when I wanted to get married. I was sure I wanted something only one of its kind. What then struck me was the star theme wedding ideas!

Indeed a homemade idea it was but as the things started taking shape from the invitations to the menu for dinner, I knew that I was doing something of a theme that everybody would remember as matchless.

It’s simply like an out of this world experience for planning a theme like this.

The primary idea that I looked for was the look and feel of the atmosphere of the Star theme.

The wedding cards were decorated with colors and shades of deep blue and touches of black and sparkling stars embedded on them. It makes the whole process of the invitation all so special.

The first thing that shone in the eyes of my guests was that of enthrall as to the theme I had chosen and made me feel all the more special. The decorations are the next part of the planning. I wanted to establish a symbol and more definitely a touch of the theme in the entire decorations.
The roof and the curtains were draped in colors of deep blue, the room was lit with dim shades of light and small stars where dispersed from the roof, on the curtains, in the table cloths and on the sides of the glasses in which the wine was being served.

I even arranged for tiny LED type lights that twinkled like the stars and they were put intelligently from the roof giving the twinkle and sparkle to the atmosphere and yet being homemade and simple in idea. The music was all set to light and aura and thus made the mood set for a journey through the stars and into the dreamland and beauty of the heavens.

I total it did match the decoration and I was happy that it made the theme even more perfect in the celestial surrounding.

The white roses and the dim light, the wedding cake topped with a small star, all together made my star theme wedding idea, the best I could have for myself. I am happy when I look back into that time and the invitation of guests poured with congratulations for such a great idea yet being homemade and simple in thought and devise. If anybody is looking for a simple yet enchanting experience the best way is to look for star theme wedding ideas!