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Star Wars Wedding Invitations & Ideas

One of the most memorable weddings I have ever been to was a Star Wars themed wedding.

When I first heard about it I felt a little bit skeptical, I had never heard of a Star Wars wedding before, and I wasn’t sure what to expect. 

Fortunately I was pleasantly surprised, not only was it one of the most fun weddings I had been to, but it was by far one of the most memorable.

I myself have considered doing a Star wars themed wedding, it was definitely a night to remember.

I don’t know if it was the princess lea dress that the bride was wearing, or the rather authentic and dashing Han Solo outfit the groom had on, but it stood out in a good way.

The outfits at the wedding were definitely what made it so much fun. The father of the bride was dressed as Darth Vader, and I’m surprised at how much fun he had running around in that costume.

The ring bearer however was probably the best part, he was dressed in an R2D2 costume that really brought the wedding to life. There were funny costumes everywhere the eye could see, and all of the groomsmen were dressed in a variety of fun outfits. The sky was the limit and the amount of creativity was definitely what made it such a fun environment.

The ceremony itself was still elegant, and rather beautiful, everyone was reverent and respectful as they should be. However, afterwards cutting up the cake with a small knife that looked like a lightsaber was definitely the “icing on the cake” so to speak. The photos were hilarious as everyone tried to recreate their favorite scenes from the movies, and my favorite pictures that I have to remember the event were of course me with a rather realistic looking Chewbacca costume.

During the event there were of course people outside decorating the car of the bride and groom. They had drawn some things on the windows to make it look like an X-wing from the first star wars movie, and everyone was giggling over the various funny star wars drawings that they put onto the vehicle. The bride and groom were rather surprised when they walked outside to find their car designed in this way, it was probably the most creative thing I’ve seen done to a car at a wedding.

The end of the wedding was a lot of fun too. If you’ve ever been to a military wedding you know that often they end by raising up their swords and the bride and groom run underneath them. Well of course we couldn’t miss an opportunity such as this, and the bride and groom ran underneath us as we all raised our lightsabers into the air.

The wedding was definitely one of the funniest ones I have ever been to. I’ll admit that sometimes I dread going to weddings as they can turn out to be rather boring, however this is one that I’ll never forget.

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