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DIY Free Pintables for Star Wars Valentines Party

Valentine’s day parties aren’t always the best times for me. Many of them feel awkward, a lot of people try to make them fun, but in the end it all feels forced.

I feel like they always get mixed up as people try to make them fun but romantic, and in the end it feels like a painfully long date with a bunch of girls you don’t know.

Fortunately, I have had the wonderful experience of going to an awesome Valentine’s day party that showed me how to truly celebrate Valentine’s day.

This was of course the time that I went to a Star Wars themed Valentine ’s Day party.

Everyone was encouraged to dress up, and most of the guys as you would guess worry their rather dashing Han Solo outfits.

Fortunately I was a step ahead, I chose to wear the Anakin Skywalker (no not the 10 year old version) outfit. Adding the braid to the back of the hair was the best part and a nice touch, girls couldn’t keep themselves from playing with it all night. Many of the girls were Princess Lea, which is understandable as she is the only character of love interest in the original movies. However, there was one really cute girl who caught my eye, she was in a princess Padme costume, and maybe it was just destiny since our costumes matched so well.

During the night we had a lot of fun playing quite a few different games. Thanks to the Star Wars theme it didn’t feel too awkward or forced. We started out with some Star Wars trivia, something that I had hoped I would have excelled at a little bit more, sometimes I’m surprised at all of the stuff my friends know! A few other ideas that people had thought of include games of spin the lightsaber, laser tag, and of course watching one of the Star Wars movies.

By the end of the night we had had a lot of fun. I don’t think I’ve ever take as many pictures at any other event as I did at this one. I also don’t think that I have ever seen so many people having so much fun at a party as I saw at this one.

The end of the night when we watched the Star Wars: A New Hope was of course the best part. A quiet fun movie like that was the perfect opportunity to cuddle with a cute girl, and I got to sit next to that cute Padme girl that I mentioned earlier. This is a huge contrast in comparison to other Valentine’s parties that I’ve been to, where we would generally watch a boring chick flick, the guys would fall asleep and the girls would cry.

Instead I learned that the best Valentine’s day party movie is Star Wars. Who would have guessed? But hey we all had fun, and you know what? I ended up dating that Padme girl for a while, all in all, definitely the best party I have ever been to.

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