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Spring Wedding Theme Ideas

Spring is such a beautiful time of year for a wedding. I planned my wedding in the spring and I was overwhelmed with the spring theme wedding ideas I found.

 I found one idea that was very cute for the time around Easter. Making colored eggs and placing them in pastel colored Easter baskets on the tables as a centerpiece with a ribbon to match the color of the dress the bride wears.

For the miniature bride, the idea was to have little wings on her back for a magical theme. I thought these ideas were wonderful.

I also saw themes for garden weddings indoors. Using any array of color to bring about the warmth and feel of spring had a nice affect. There are many plants and flowers in the nursery’s that can be placed in pots all around the reception hall with some spring wedding favors adorning the tables.

The one idea that I got from an invitation card was the beach theme or a Jamaican wedding. I liked the Jamaican wedding theme because there were so many different decorating ideas. I liked the table decorations that made you feel like you were really in Jamaica.

Designs for spring theme wedding ideas are very affordable as well. I decided for my wedding, I was going to use the spring flower theme. I bought all my flowers from the nursery and planted them in pastel colored pots to use as a centerpiece on each table.

Then I had artificial and real flowers hanging and sitting throughout the reception hall. It was very lovely and the scent from the flowers filled the hall. It turned out so nicely, we even had our wedding pictures indoors instead of outdoors where the flowers were just starting to grow. There was a lot of color in my wedding.

Boslia G. WA