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This is a program for those who would like to create beautiful emails that look professional.

You need to purchase the program, but it will come with free email templates that you can edit later. has been created to make marketing easier for people.

There are many businesses and companies who need more clients, and with the help of, they can get more attention without much stress.

In fact one of the aims of is to make marketing easy and in the same time to really make a difference. They have a lot of advanced tools that help your business grow, and they are effective: you will see the results fast. At you can find email, mobile and social marketing, all in one place. Since all of the three ways of marketing are indispensable today, you should try all of them, at first for free at Here you will have everything in one place, so you don’t need to worry about having to work on multiple websites.

Main features:

          You can use to collect clients, to create templates and emails, to send out as many emails as you want, to as many contacts as necessary, to share your information and become visible on social media websites, and to analyze the results of your marketing campaign. It is all very simple; yet these step by step marketing services can make a big difference.
If you need new clients, has all you need.

With their Collect tool you can create subscriptions for your website and other subscribe services. With the help of the Create feature you can build your own email or SMS. There are enough tools to make a fully personalized email in just a few clicks. It comes with tools such as Inbox testing and Spam checking as well.

For sending emails has more software: you can easily target your subscribers before you send out anything, and schedule the delivery of your message. With such precise tools you cannot go wrong.

In order to interact with your audience, the Share feature has been created. Thanks to Share you can manage all your activity on social media website such as Facebook or Twitter.
Once you have done everything to create the best marketing campaign, you can send the emails or SMS messages and track the results with the Analyse feature. By measuring the marketing results you will know what to change the next time.

Using templates at Sign Up To:

 has created an easy email building tool without assuming that you know HTML or any other programming script. Without having to worry about such things, you can create beautiful emails on the website of
They have three tools that you can choose form when it comes to email templates.

The first one is the Campaign Designer, an easy to use tool especially if you like to work visually. For this you won’t need to use any code at all, and the email will still look professional and just the way you want it to be. Another tool for emails is the Classic Editor, which is for editing emails quickly that have been made by someone else and that are written in HTML. The Classic Editor should also be very easy to use. The last tool is the Code View, which has been created for those who know how to edit HTML. With this you can have total control of what the email looks like.

There are many templates to choose from that you can customize and edit. With the tools mentioned above you can move things around, add and remove items from the template, and customize it to make it fit your aim. For all this you can use a simple drag and drop tool. It also comes with other really great features such as automatic image compression, spell check, unlimited undo-redo feature and more: basically all you need to have a nice email in the end.

How to get started:

You can start right from the beginning at to find more email contacts and potential customers. Before you even begin thinking about the email template, you need a target audience where you can direct the marketing. The Collect feature is the right one for this purpose. You can import data with it from various systems, create text to subscribe services, and also manage lists.

Not only that creating subscriptions from your website will be easy, but you can make it possible to sign up for an email list just by sending an SMS message. You will have the lists where you can see subscribers and their information. Organization will be easy with Collect: you can track the same subscribers and manage the list in no time.

The next tool that you can use is Create. This is for building emails in an easy, code free way. You can even create personalized emails to each subscriber. With this tool you can also share the content on social networks easily. The Create tool comes with inbox testing, SMS campaign possibilities, image hosting, spam checking and more. You can choose from over 50 email templates that are ready to be customized, and create your own if you want to.

Sending the email will be easier with the Send feature. Here you can target different subscribers and different lists. It comes with a precise targeting tool so you send the email to the right people. You can schedule campaigns so they are delivered right when you want them to. The marketing automation will make it possible to create rule based campaigns, such as birthday greetings to your customers. These are just a few features: you will have even more options to choose from once you purchase the software.

The tools which you can use after all this are the Share and the Analyse tool. These will make your campaign easier to follow and more successful in the future.


          You can try for free; you only need to sign up. The quick start setup is £395 onetime payment: they will set up everything for you, offer one to one training and more. For a fully managed service you have to pay £250 per month. This includes managing your emails, customizing your needs, and getting everything done by experts.

 Business Email Marketing Templates:

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