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Security Policy Email Letter Template

Most companies have a company policy guide that all employees have access to.

However, often certain things in the policy change or they are renewed, or a section is added and altered.

A security policy email is a letter that you have to send to the employers in case there is a change or whenever a new issue explained in the guide about the life of the company.

A security policy email is especially relevant because it provides the safety of a danger free environment for all the employees and the employer as well.

In a safe work environment everything works better, and this is what such an email has to suggest.

When you create the security policy email, you need to explain the reason of its importance.


1. The email should begin by stating the purpose and reason of the letter.

2. Explain the reason for the change in company policies.

3. Mention the sections where the policy has been changed. If the guide is very long, it is better to point out the sections that have to be re-read, than assume that people will read the whole document.

4. Don't forget to point out the relevancy of the security policy of your company.

5. Offer the chance for the receiver to contact you if there are any further questions. For this purpose it is a good idea to include a phone number.


Subject line: Change in the security policy

Dear Ms. Agnes,

Last week during a company meeting we have decided to add new sections to our security policy section in the company guide. The two new sections are password security and desktop security. Please find attached the new full version of our company policy.

The reason for this change was offering more safety and avoiding future computer safety related issues. The attached document also contains information regarding the enforcement of the new policies, violations, penalties, and implementation guidelines.

The implementation of the new security policies is for the safety of all employees and serves the development of the company. If you have any questions about your changes or you would like to have more information about your responsibilities and roles, please don't hesitate to contact me. I can be reached at 334-223-755.

Abigail Norman
Security Management