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Scroll Wedding Invitation Template & Printables

Scroll wedding invitations are particularly popular with Indian brides – be they Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist, Christian, Muslim or Jewish.

 These scroll invitations are made of materials such as wool, silk, velvet and hand made papers.

Scrolls were the invitations of Indian kings known as Farman and you can have these invitations for your wedding.

Due to the materials used in these invitations, they are more costly than most invitations.

The beauty and elegance of the designs are perfect for the most formal and traditional wedding invitations.

Here is one particularly beautiful example of wording:

O Lord Gamesh
You are the revered
God of our well being and remover of all obstructions
Our humble first invitations is in your name
Please bless this ceremony for successful completion
Mr. and Mrs. xxxx
Request the honour of your presence to
Grace the auspicious occasion of
The marriage ceremony of their loving daughter xxxx
With xxxx
Beloved son of Mr. and Mrs. xxxx
Adult reception, dinner and dance
At site

Many of these invitations begin with “Shree Ganeshaya Namah” which means “Ganesha I pray to you”. What a wonderful way to begin a new life together! Most of the companies that produce these gorgeous wedding invitations are based in India, but you are guaranteed to have your order within 7 to 14 days. When you have chosen your wording and placed your order, you will receive either a fax or PDF(picture) file to proof read for errors. If there is an error you will receive another corrected copy to proof. Then once you confirm that everything is correct your order will be printed and sent directly to your home.

Scroll invitations are also popular with Jewish couples and they do lend themselves to the non-Roman alphabets, such as Hebrew, Arabic, Japanese and Chinese. There is something mysterious, elegant and romantic about a scroll and isn’t elegant and romantic what we want in wedding invitations?

If you want to make your own scroll invitations you can find templates for the scroll itself, and mailing tubes or boxes are easily purchased online, although you can make the boxes. The rods for the ends of the scrolls can be a problem. However there are a couple of scroll invitation printers that sell complete kits.

Hear day, hear day, we are getting married.

Imagine having a wedding invite that announces your wedding with a scroll. The printable free scroll wedding invitation sample will show you what the invitation will look like and were you can put the announcement. You can design the perfect card without relying on a print shop or a friend. You can be as original as you want without anyone telling you it cannot be done.With the easy to use template, you design it, download it and print it out in a shorter amount of time it will take a print shop to deliver your cards.

You can send a unique wedding invitation without the hassles of dealing with print shops and wedding planners. The card you design and create will come from the heart with that personal touch that everyone loves to receive. Be creative and add your message to the scroll that touches everyone.

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