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Save the Date Email Template

A save the date email is essential.

To make sure that people will be there at the date that you have chosen, send them an email announcing the event.

Even if you decide to send invitations via regular mail later, an email assures that people will save the date and show up.


1. Add a photo of you and your partner to the email template.

2. Don't be too long: it is enough if the email contains the date and a few words about the event.

3. Make the date of the event bold or use another color so it is easily visible. Don't hide it among the lines and paragraphs. Most people will scan through the email and put the date into their calendar, but if it is hard to find, it can be frustrating.

4. Don't forget to mention where the event will be held at.

5. Send the email at least 6 months before the wedding, just to make sure that people will be there.

6. Choose soft colors and just a few images or designs in your template.


Subject Line: Save the Date!

Dear friends and family,

We would like to invite you to our wedding, a special day for us that we want to share with all those who we share out lives with.

Save the date for this event on the 7th of June, Saturday, 2012.

The event will take place at the Plaza hotel, and it will be an informal, fun day where you can dance, eat good food and just chat.

See you there!

Matt and Katie

PS: Invitation to follow!