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16 Samples of Beautiful Business Card Templates

The business card is the primary source of someone else to contact you: a possible client, a company that might hire you or other recipients that will use this card when they need to get in touch.

It is essential that the card contains all the information that this person might need to reach you.

Depending on the purpose of your card there are certain unwritten rules that you have to follow, but in the same time be creative and dare to stand out of the crowd.

There are quite a few places in our virtual world where you can find thousands of business card templates and customize them to fit your needs, budget and taste! We will share with you our most favorite places:

What Should Go on a Business Card?

Remember that a visiting card is the creator of a connection between you and the recipient. The most essential information on the business card is your name or your company name and address where you can be contacted. If you have a title, add that as well, and email address and phone number shouldn’t be left out either.

Besides such relevant information you can add a word or two about the services that you provide, but don’t overdo it. Such a card should be easy to read and should only have the essentials. A tagline or a motto should be sufficient, but not necessary. You have a webpage and a logo? Make sure you use them on your business card.

Customize this card here!

Today common practice is using both sides of a business card. This is specially the case with a minimalist style becoming so popular.

How Should a Business Card Look Like:

The Design

Remember that the way your card looks can make a big change. Among many business cards yours might be the one that catches the eye, and makes the person in question interested to find out more. For this reason business cards should have a creative, unique design, but in the same time keep all the standard characteristics of such a card. Otherwise they can be confusing and hard to follow, which will create disinterest.

When you arrange the card, you may use a horizontal or vertical layout. Your name or the company name should be the most prominent on the card, so for these you can use bigger bold fonts. The contact information should go underneath the name, in a smaller font, but still easily legible and visible, or you may choose to have it on the back of your card.

Choosing the font is also an essential step. Make sure you choose one that is easy to read and that is not too strange, too cute, difficult to read, or too script like. It should not take the attention away from the information you are providing.

When you choose the paper, it is better to choose a thicker matte paper and not something glossy. It will be better for printing. While standard size business cards are the best choice, you can also try some more elaborate designs, such as foldout business cards, however, don’t make them too big.

Costs to consider

While many companies online offer free templates that you can simply customize, download and print, most places ask for a certain fee if you want to use their designs. Usually according to how many colors you want to use and the quality of the paper, the price can go quite high. If you have a medium budget, use online sources for creating your business cards. However, there are other options as well. For the ultimate business card you can hire a graphic designer, and use a different material than paper, but this is the most costly version towards a great card.

Templates for Business Cards

The Internet is full of free and affordable templates that you can use. Some websites have their own templates which you just personalize in a few minutes and they are ready to be printed. There are also Word Templates and PSD templates that you can use, which are a bit more difficult to master but with the right directions you will get the hang of it.

Most of the templates you find online contain an image or a simple design and the places where you can write your information. These represent pretty good options, because there are a lot of various templates that you can use according to your wishes.

Best Designs  – Our Picks:

The way your business card looks can tell a lot about you. A well designed, high quality visiting card tells about a serious business, while one where the information gets lost and the design is not very attractive can give a bad impression. There are several web pages that offer printable business cards online, and they are usually very cheap. One of these pages is Print Business Cards, which also offers a free business cards software to use. This way you don’t have to spend lots of time figuring out Photoshop or illustrator: you can simply use their easy and guided program, make your cards and they can even print it for you and send them when they are ready.

Certain websites also have very unique high quality designs that are worth to check out, such as  Zazzle, Vandelay Designs, Entrepreneur, 99 Designs and Bored Panda. If you have a low budget, also visit Vistaprint or Moo, where you can customize templates easily.

Types of cards

          There are different types of business cards. You can have several types, and use each of them according to the situation. For example you can have one for people you meet and want to keep in touch with: this can be something fun and interesting that contains your name and email address or website. If you have a business, you can have one for the company, with its logo, motto and contact information. You should also have one as a professional, which states your occupation or service that you offer and your contact information. This one should be simple and straight to the point.

Cards should also look different according to professions. If you are a vet, you can have the picture of a dog or a cat on the card, if you are an electrician a light bulb, if you are an artist a colorful miniature painting and so on. For a card representing your business, it is best to avoid a lot of colors, and have a very clear layout.

1. Wooden business cards

          These business cards are more than just simple cards. They have a functionality, they represent you, and they have a fabulous design that stands out. Most of them are engraved into a wooden sheet, which is similar with the thickness and size of a standard business card. If you have a business connected to woodwork, you should think about wooden business cards. For example there are wooden knife shaped business cards that also serve as a ruler. They are actually made of wood and engraved with your information.

Can it get better than that? With such a card you can be sure that your information will not be omitted or thrown away. Some wooden business cards even go further than that: they can be assembled into an animal that stands, which can be kept on a desk, reminding the person all the time about your business. Not only that this idea is creative, but it can also attract many clients, customers, companies.

Here are some unique samples from Luxury Wood Works

Knife wooden business card with ruler functionality:

Giraffe Cut Out Wooden Business Card

Simple but Effective Wood Business Card

2. Wood background business cards

 These rare designs are very suitable for anyone who is a carpenter or deals with wood. These cards are made of paper with a wood design that makes the card stand out among others. Such cards are simple, yet eye-catching.

Elegant Vertical Wood Like Business Card

Customize this wooden business card here!

See many more similar designs at

3. Plastic Business Card Design

              There are business cards that are printed on a different material, such as a satin stock that have a nice translucent look and also a pleasant feel. They don’t deteriorate as easily as other cards do and they have a very attractive look. Thanks to this special material the letters have a light glow, making such cards truly fantastic.

Clear Plastic Elegant Business Card

           Printed on satin stock for a soft for translucent feel. White blocker is printed behind the logo to brighten the colors, and to create the light glow surrounding it. Absolute standout!

See-through Plastic Business Card with White Block

Beautiful colors make this card unique and white block helps the text stand out.

4. Luxury Business Card Design

Luxury designs include modern and minimalistic designs, vintage and retro looks; beautiful floral patterns printed on materials such as stock which makes the cards look of high quality. Some of these cards have printing both on the front and the back, usually having an attractive design in the front and the information on the back of the card. Minimalistic designs are also very elegant and show good taste: these cards usually contain only the name of the person in the front or even just the initials.

Note:  All below designs come from and most of them can be customized : Colors, Layouts etc…

Elegant Black

Vintage Blue Flowers

Victorian Pink and Brown

Elegant Monogram Business Card

Interior Designer Vertical Business Card

Minimalist Initial Business Card

Simple but Elegant Black and White

3D Elegant Business Card

Irresistible Business Card Envelope for Ladies:

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