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Wedding Invitation Examples

Nice thing about the example wedding invitation is you can view them and choose the one that will work for your special day.

You can view the verses and wordings available. If you like, you can even create your own invitation with the homemade templates available.

You see software in stores that are cheap and offer a discount on materials needed to print the invitations, but you use it once and you are done.

With our online free printable invitations, you never spend more than what you should for a creative invitation.

This is truly a perfect solution for all brides. If you think you cannot design your own invitation, then you need to check out our templates and see how easy it is to make a unique and special invitation to send to your potential guests.

Everyone loves to receive beautiful wedding invites and when you look at free wedding invitation examples, you will have a hard time choosing just that perfect template that will express what you want to say, with a beautiful design.

You have so many to choose from, you can take as long as you have time for to choose, therefore, show a few different people and see what they think as well.

You might need to use a few different designs, and this can also be done. Some people have different invites for family and different ones for friends. By doing it yourself, you save so much money and aggravation. You are welcome to download and use our templates, as is, or to adapt to suit your needs.

Remember that your invitation is the first hint that people will get of your wedding’s theme and level of formality. It will let them know how to dress. Whether you want a casual beach or western wedding or prefer a big formal affair with all the glitz and formality, you can find it here.

You may want to consider purchasing a do it yourself wedding invitation kits, which can include all the wedding stationary items you will need. This can include RSVP cards, place cards, programs and thank you cards.

Your invitations can reflect your ethnic, religious or cultural heritage by the use of symbols like a cross, Star of David, Shamrocks, a clan tartan or a native American dream catcher. Some couples choose to highlight their professions or hobbies. One couple I know met at a motorcycle club and their invitations had a picture of them on their bikes. Another couple were both police officers and their invitations had a police badge.

Lawyers have created invitations that looked like a summons:

You are hereby summoned
To appear at
The marriage of
Kirsten Marsh
William Hinds
Day, date time

Download and Print Wedding Invitation Template 

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If you want an invitation that is super sophisticated and elegant, try making your own black wedding invitation.

Silver, gold or white ink will work well on black cardstock for borders or wording. Depending on the image you choose you may need to print on a light paper and adhere that to the black card.

A simple geometric design could be printed in the same color as the wording. An art-deco invitation with its clean lines would be exquisite in black and silver. Your friends and family will be awe struck. Some people think that black for a wedding is bad luck, so don’t be surprised if a friend tries to talk you out of using it for your invitations.

The right design, paper and ink color are especially important when you are making your own custom black wedding invitation.

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