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Sales Follow up Email Template Form

Once you have found new customers, it is essential to keep them.

Show your appreciation and make sure that they will stay loyal.

Writing a sales follow up email is a way of nurturing and keeping the customer interested, while offering more services or sales.

For a company it is always cheaper and easier to maintain the clients that they have, than attracting and gaining new ones.

With a good sales follow up letter you might be able to have even more sales.


1. Make the subject line appropriate and not vague.

2. Keep the letter short: it is essential that it contains a thank you and some extra offers, but don't make it longer than 2 or 3 paragraphs.

3. Personalize the email. Even if you use templates, make sure the email is personalized. For example, use the name of the person when you are addressing them. This way they will feel appreciated as a customer, and they might stick around longer.

4. Offer something new or a next step that they can take. For example you can let them know about another product that is related to the one they are interested in or about a promotion.

5. Don't be pushy in the email. Make sure that you won't make the impression of a greedy seller: don’t try to sell again something, instead be suggestive and offer a promotion.

6. Be helpful: offer assistance or answering to questions, and an easy way to be contacted. Nothing makes customers and clients feel safer than the knowledge that they can easily have their questions answered.

Sample Sales Follow up Email Template

Subject Line: Thank you for your purchase!

Dear Mr. Andrews,
On behalf of the Herbal Alliance, I would like to thank you for ordering our weekly magazine, the Herbal Prophet, for the year 2013. We hope you have enjoyed your first copy that we sent you last week.

Please receive this brochure with further options as a subscriber and also a 10% off coupon for your next subscription for our other magazines.

If you have any questions or if you would like to change your subscription, please contact us any time at the phone number mentioned bellow. We are happy to be at your service and make sure that all your expectations are met.

Maria Kale
Sales Manager, Herbal Alliance