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Saint Valentine Day Party Theme Ideas

Being a color of passion and love, red is the traditional Valentine’s Day color.

Arrangements for red theme Valentine’s Day parties are all fun and really easy!

For this Valentine’s Day, we had decided to celebrate a red themed party.

We invited our guests to celebrate a RED HOT evening at our house on 14th February.

We sent them an envelope of Red Hots, having a red ticket invitation.

We advised all our guests to wear red! We collected all the party supplies in red to go with the theme. When all the guests arrived, we greeted the males’ crowd with gangster caps (red color only) and the females with red boas. Believe me, they had worn them all night!

As the host of the get-together, I had worn a heart show daddy hat. I prepared almost all party supplies at home to keep it the most cost-effective; I hung red metallic columns and falling-hearts columns in the surrounding area for some additional red spark. Since the whole thing on my table was red, I used a complementary silver tablecloth.

Then I placed all red paper plates, cups, napkins, and other supplies onto the table. Nearly all night parties include a soft drink bar so I had also arranged a red colored Valentine’s Day bar where I had served all of my soft drinks (which were red in color as well) in red sparkling barware. I had got shot glasses, and more in sparkling and shimmering red.

The sparkling drink glasses also made a wonderful favor. I stuffed red chocolates (wrapped!) in a hot piñata and I had got a superb activity for the whole night just with the piñata bat along with red blindfold. The party was among the most memorable parties; I ever had planned and managed.

Saint Valentine Decorations

The color is red for this day, but there are many things that you can make for Valentine’s Day. There are hearts and more hearts. You can make hearts in different ways and with different designs. One idea for a decoration is the cardboard or construction paper hearts. In a classroom, you could make a large cardboard heart. Take some candy kisses, and tie different length thread around each one.

Take some Elmer’s glue and add some red dye to it. Take the string and the glue and attach to the heart in different places. You can also glue the candy kisses to the cardboard and just give it to someone special.

Other Valentine decorations might be red snowflakes, red cupids and even red lights. One way to spruce up the front window of your home is to make a big cut out heart, place it in the center of your window, and then run a single line of red lights around the border of the window. This is beautiful when lit up at night. You can use other window decorations if you do not want to use a heart.

Free Dove St. Valentines decoration clip art

There are ways to decorate with tissue paper, ribbons and even lace. You can decorate gift boxes if you are giving gifts or even decorate the envelopes of cards. This can be done with red and white glitter and some clear drying glue. You can decorate jewelry boxes and make them even more special when giving the gift of a bracelet, earrings, ring or necklace. There are so many things to do for Valentine’s Day. All you need is a little imagination and some inexpensive supplies.

Valentine’s Day Creative Ideas

How to spend Valentine’s Day? The first thing that comes to your mind is that you want to spend the entire day, or at least the evening, with your beloved. That’s simple, but now comes the difficult part. What to do? Where to go? You are in need of some Valentine’s Day creative ideas, and we want to provide you with that, here, at A good idea would be to go to a place where both can feel comfortable. But going to the same fast food as you do all year round does not seem so festive, because it is not. Choose a romantic place as a destination for this occasion.

If you can afford, invite your love on a trip to a secluded place, where you two can enjoy the time just for yourselves. On the other hand, if you are the party type, then you two can spend the night in a fancy club. If you want to organize a surprise for your loved one, than you need to know a thing or two about their most secret desires. This does not mean that you should scoop among their stuff, or start rummaging through their intimate journal. It means that you need proper preparation, even months in advance. Gaining their trust is part of the love game, and that could help you organizing the perfect evening.

Maybe they like to skate and they have not had to do it in a long time, so taking them to a place where they could do that is a great idea; Or anything else that you know that they would love to do. Your creativity is the only thing that can limit the opportunity to find Valentine’s Day creative ideas to spend that special day.

St. Valentine Day Recipes:

I love making things with my own two hands and that is why, when Valentine’s Day is round the corner, I take my chef’s hat off the hook and prepare myself to create the dishes for the special occasion. I want to share with you here some Valentine recipes that I found to always be a blast with my husband. Here is one recipe that only takes 10 minutes to make and a few hours to leave in the fridge before serving.

That leaves you enough time to make yourself beautiful for the evening.

Chocolate Wafer Roll


- Cup filled with heavy cream

- Half a spoon of vanilla extract

- Quarter of a cup of powdered sugar.

All these are enough for filling twenty chocolate wafers.
Just mix all the ingredients in a bowl, using a mixer, and then fill the wafers.
The filled wafers must be placed in the fridge for several hours, and served later with whipped cream on top.

If you like to bake a pie, I have something for you:

Brownie Pie


- Package of chocolate pudding

- Some milk

- Whipped topping

- Package of brownie mix.

- Just read the instructions on the package and follow them step by step. Once ready, you can decorate the pie with pudding, and chocolate pieces. This recipe is also easy to make and leaves you with plenty of time to prepare for the night.

For a special treat, I suggest you a specialty:

Chocolate-covered cherries

Use a big bowl to mix in it the next ingredients: butter, syrup made of corn, milk, some vanilla extract, and sugar. All these will turn into a dough that you will use to cover the cherries, obtaining round forms. Put them in the freezer. In another bowl, mix some melted chocolate with shortening. After the cherry balls have chilled, dip them into the melted chocolate.

I hope you will find these Valentine recipes to be easy to make and a real treat.

Mary Jane Bolters,

St. Valentines Party Games

           Classrooms and parties will enjoy some Valentines party games. There are many different games tat you can choose for February 14 to make the day a little enjoyable for everyone. One specific site to visit for some game ideas is This site has many games that you can use.You will find printable word scrambles, word find and even group games that can be played anywhere, even in school. This site not only has the games to play, but they have some great ideas for party favors, menus and even some recipes. Everyone can enjoy this site for some ideas.

Valentines party games can also be found at Adults and kids can enjoy many of the games. All you need to do is find the games that you would enjoy and you are all set for a very special day. You will have the direction on how to play and what is needed to play. It is always nice to have some games to if you are having a party, especially in school or at a private party. Once you see how much fun everyone has, you will want to have more parties and games on other holidays.

You will have fun and so will anyone that is participating. Classrooms, at home or even at your favorite drinking establish is a great place to play Valentines party games. Everyone has a good time and you are the greatest for think of it.

Celebrate the Valentines Day with Kids


Valentine Day now has become a traditional holiday all over the world. A day that almost everyone celebrates in some way or the other. How about celebrating this year with your family and especially with your children doing many crafts with them? Children are the most special Valentine for us parents so involving ourselves with them should be exceptionally joyous for us. Crafts are of many different types. Some are simple others a bit difficult so it is up to you sand your children to choose from them.

For making such items simple things are required in your craft box. Things like scissors, gum, tape, sketch pen, pastels, crayons dry flowers, toffee wrappers, ice-cream sticks, buttons of various colors and sizes, colorful sheets, plastic glasses, a cutter will do. With these, you can make stuffs like baskets with flowers, hanging butterflies, artificial roses, box of hearts, wall hangings, chandeliers, cards, etc.
For example, I will help you out here with some ideas, which you can tell your children to do. Suppose you want to make aw all hanging for your special one. I will tell you an easy process first take metallic thread; sew embellishing lines on red print fabric from top to bottom. Lines should be graceful curves and may intersect each other.

Then the second step is to download and cut out patterns of your choice; preferably hearts as they are simple yet beautiful. Now from white fabric cut out shapes of wings to attach with the hearts. Then you get a flying heart. Stick two patterns facing out to give the object a hardy look.
Make six of such shapes. Thirdly take a rectangular cut out of valentine theme-based paper and make six boxes on them with other colorful strips of paper. Then paste the already done flying hearts in each box. Attach ribbon from the top of the wall hanging and bestow it upon your family. I am sure your children will love it.

These crafts can be kept for years and will help you recollect those past days you have spend with your family. Valentines Day crafts for kids are a media that makes the young generation to mingle with the theme and emotions of love associated with the season of Valentine. This would invariably help them reach out and be a part of the Valentine right from the tender age. It is a way to express the love in the little ones right from inception.

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