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Free Printable Reflexology Foot Chart Inforaphic

What is a reflexology chart?

A reflexology chart is a chat that is used by various alternative medicine practitioners.

These charts show different areas where your body is connected, and shows where you can apply pressure to alleviate pain or other problems that may be occurring in the body.

What types of reflexology charts are there?

There are many different types of reflexology charts. For instance some will show the areas of the foot that you can apply pressure to.

Others will show you the back or hands, each of these charts has a specific purpose and must be used differently depending on the situation.

Some of the charts will show the same body areas, but will be slightly different.

This is because some charts are based on Chinese tradition, which are the usual accepted charts, while others are based on empirical evidence.

Or in other words, they are based on users own experiences, who have then uploaded and created a chart based around what they learned. Other charts that you may see include artistic charts, which are generally pleasing for the eye to look at, but are not very accurate. A good example of this type of chart would be the charts that most major shoe companies use when advertising shoes that are supposed to improve the body..


What is included on these reflexology charts?

Generally they include all of the basic information that you would need. Most come labeled, for instance the foot will have different lines pointing to the various pressure points, with labels telling you what each area is called. Some charts will tell you what part of the body that area is connected to.

These charts will allow you to easily see where you need to apply pressure to alleviate pain, or to get rid of various problems that you can have. Of course each chart will show you a different area of your body, so you will need to take a look at a few different charts so that you know exactly where you need to apply pressure to fix the problem that you have.


How can I create one of these charts?

 The best way to create a reflexology chart is to use some type of image software. For instance you could use a camera to take a real picture of the area of the body that you want to map out.

You could then upload it onto your computer and use a program such as Adobe Photoshop, or Gimp, to edit the photo and add in the required detail. If you don’t have a camera, or don’t feel comfortable with uploading such a picture, you can use a free stock image website to get the photos that you need, just be sure to check the licensing agreement before you use them.

However, creating one of these charts is not required as they can all be found online. The best part is many of them can be found online for free, including here on this website. So if you’re interested in getting your hands on one of these charts look no further, you can go ahead and download one and get it printed on out.

Reflexology chart inforaphic