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Refer a friend email template

It is important to be able to write a relevant and effective letter of reference.

For sure that everyone gets into the situation at least once during their career when they need to write such an email.

A good letter of reference can make a difference: perhaps your friend will be hired thanks to your well written letter describing him or her.

Be prepared for a call after sending the email: there might be some questions asked about the person in question.


1. You should only write a letter of reference for someone that you know well enough.

2. Be positive in your general tone and when describing the person. If you don't feel that you can be completely positive, then decline the request of writing such a letter.

3. Make sure the email contains all the relevant information, such as the title of the job, the name of the person, etc.

4. Mention your name or the name of your company in the letter.

5. Be realistic. Don't exaggerate the qualities of the person you are writing a reference for. It will be quite obvious that you are doing so and it is not professional.

6. Make sure you have a copy of the CV of the person you are writing the reference letter for.

7. Describe the person briefly: focus on stating why the person is suitable for the position.

8. Besides experience and skills in the field, also mention some features of character.

9. Provide your email address or phone number in case the employer wants to ask more questions.

10. Don't include any personal information about the person you are writing the email for.


Subject Line: Recommending Alan Gardner for position of senior engineer

Dear Mr. Leland,

I am writing this reference letter with regard of the application of Alan Gardner for the position of senior engineer for your company, Nex Consulting. I have known Alan Gardner for nearly three years now, as he used to be my employee.

He has started working for our company, Electro Enterprises already with valuable experience in the field that he has gained while working for international companies. His background makes him a highly qualified engineer and very suitable for the position that you have advertised.

I would also like to add that Mr. Gardner works very well in a group, having a determined yet patient personality. He has delivered all his projects in time, and his punctuality is condemnable. I thereby strongly recommend him for the position mentioned above. Please contact me at 221-741-071 for any further questions.

Andrew Brown, Senior Manager
Electro Enterprises