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Promotion Announcement Email Template

If you work in a company you need to know how to write a promotion announcement letter.

Such an email is a business email, therefore it needs to have a professional tone and it needs to be created following certain specific guidelines.

A promotion announcement email is short and prompt, so keep this in mind when you are creating it.

Don't forget to send it out in time, before the person in question finds out about the promotion from a colleague or someone else!


1. Start the email by a formal salutation such as Dear Mr/Ms/ Mrs. Add other titles if there are.

2. In the subject line include a clear title that the person will easily recognize.

3. Keep the email brief: announce the promotion, add a few sentences describing the person who has been promoted and then close the email.

4. Sign the letter using your title.

5. Keep the tone of the email positive.

6. Describe the position that the person has just been promoted to.

Subject Line: Promotion for Mark Cooper

We are thrilled to announce your promotion from junior marketing engineer to senior marketing engineer at Tpact. Congratulations!

You have worked for this company three years now with great results in marketing. We are happy with your work and your determination to make a change and be a part of our team.

Please join us on our weekly meeting for a special dinner for congratulating you on your promotion.


Chief Director